Top Mobile Apps for an Executive Traveler

limousine-los-angeles-limo-service-2016Nobody understands the importance of a great phone app more than the business traveler. These guys cross the skies bringing in business and keeping customers happy all year. Considering the amount of miles that they cover any given day, month, or year, it’s easy to know why a good app can make the difference between a business trip that runs easy and one that leaves you feeling like you will never catch up.

The problem… which app to choose? Last year, Android boasted 1.3 million apps in its store and Apple had a bit fewer with 1.3 million apps. One thing that the executive LA limo traveler does not have is a huge abundance of free time for trial and error so we have made a list of top apps for the business traveler.

Great Apps for Business Travel

los-angeles-limo-la-limousine-service-2016TripIt – Allows you to bundle all of your travel itineraries into one calendar format, organizing all your flight info and schedules, hotel reservations, and any meeting information into one location. All information is loaded by simply forwarding all confirmation emails to the TripIt account. The application does the rest.

Available for: iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Andriod

Cost – Basic: FREE, Pro: $49/year

GateGuru – Summarizes flight itineraries into one spot. This allows the business traveler to see any last minute changes in the flight schedule and the amount of time spent in airports or on planes.

Available for: iOS, Windows Phone, Android

Cost – FREE


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WeatherPro – This app shows an overview of the weather you’ll experience in all of the locations you are traveling.

Available for: iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Android

Cost – $0.99

iTranslate – International travelers rejoice!! Now there is an app for those strange moments when you are not sure what to say next. iTranslate is capable of translating more than 80 languages.

Available for: OSX, Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Cost – FREE

Mynd Calendar – If you feel like you could use the help of a personal assistant, the Mynd Calendar app is for you. This app acts like an advanced calendar app and is capable of managing the day-to-day aspects of business travel such as notifying multiple people when a meeting will be delayed because of travel or weather.

Available for: iOS

Cost – FREE

Onavo – Feel like your data plan is out of control when you travel? Onavo is an app that tracks where you use date and analyzes data use.

Available for: iOS, Android

Cost – FREE

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Top Mobile Apps for an Executive Traveler

One thought on “Top Mobile Apps for an Executive Traveler

  1. What an informative post! Not only do you all provide limo services, but you also help the seasoned traveler with recommended apps….that’s so cool! 🙂 Will have to check some of these out, especially the iTranslate…..I never was good at learning languages in school.


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