5 Best Film Studio Tours in Los Angeles

la_film_tourWhen considering LA movie studio tours, many may immediately think of the award-winning tram tour available at Universal Studios Hollywood. But with the world’s largest motion picture industry located in town, LA and Hollywood have lots more to offer for film enthusiasts. Too often overlooked or forgotten, a number of tours are ideal getaways for visiting tourists and local Angelenos alike. And a recent trend has been to reserve a luxury vehicle such as a limo or SUV when venturing to the parks.

While Universal is and will remain a favorite event for most, other and similar tours should not be disregarded. As an example, the British newspaper The Guardian outlined the world’s best film tours. And you may be surprised: for while Universal is not mentioned, Warner Bros and Paramount both made the list.

Whether you are a passionate TV enthusiast or simply looking for a family-friendly event, touring the studios can be an amusing and quintessential LA experience. And what’s even better? Visiting the TV locales by limo can result in an even more enjoyable and memorable excursion.



Located at the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains in Agoura Hills, this nearly 3,000-acre ranch has been featured in hundreds of Hollywood productions. Although more of a park than a traditional studio, limo customers frequently request transfers to the ranch. Limousine clients come here to experience the sites from a variety of their most-favored films. Just a few examples of the many movies made here are Norbit (2006), American Sniper (2014), Van Helsing (2003), and Scream (1981). A complete list of productions can be seen by visiting the National Park Service websites. Situated not far from our main limousine offices in Thousand Oaks, CA, the ranch is a regular stop for our limousines and is often combined with wine tours to the nearby Malibu Canyons.


Certainly, a lesser-known tour, the former MGM Studios in Culver City offers what may be the most affordable yet exciting Los Angeles studio. For just $45, visitors can visit an array of film sets and will often find themselves running into actors on their way to/from the tapings. Besides gameshows such as Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!, this lot was also utilized during the filming of Men In Black, Wizard of Oz, and Spider-Man. Sony is particularly famous for its iconic LA sound stages, where some of movie history’s greatest music was created.


Unfortunately routinely overlooked on a regular basis, Paramount offers what only America’s oldest-running movie studio can. The over 60-acre lot covers no less than thirty stages and locales from multitudes of motion pictures. Noteworthy sites include sets from Forrest Gump, The Ten Commandments, and Winds of War, as well as numerous others. The Paramount facilities have also been used for the filming of countless hit television series, including Dr. Phil, Glee, Monk, NCIS Los Angeles, Cheers, Frasier, and MacGyver, amongst several others. Looking for a unique Los Angeles adventure? Book your limousine and head to the live recording of your favorite show!


Long one of California’s top-visited attractions, Warner Brothers of Burbank could arguably offer LA’s best tour. Besides the original Batmobile and a unique Harry Potter exhibit, this studio was or currently is used for the making of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Big Bang Theory, Friends, Gilmore Girls, and a host of others. Offering unique, extraordinary behind-the-scenes experiences, visits to Warner Bros. are essential for devoted cinema fans.


Scene from War of Worlds
Plane crash scenes from War of the Worlds (2005)

Seven million people ventured here in 2015, the highest number of visitors ever drawn to the park. That easily makes it one of the most visited landmarks in all of Southern California, including for those traveling by limousines. From international snowbirds to native LA residents, limos to the theme park are booked on a weekly basis through Los Angeles County Limousine and other limo services.

The theme park in San Fernando Valley may also be most in demand due to its variety of great filming locales. The epic studio tour will take riders to sets seen in a number of cinematic masterpieces, including Wisteria Lane in Desperate Housewives and the classic pier depicted in Jaws (1975). Bates motel from Psycho (1960) and Whoville from How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) are other notable sites.

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Los Angeles tourism reached a new high in 2016 when a record of over 47.3 million visited the city. Millions of them decided to hit the studios, and many booked limos for their trip. Don’t worry about navigating your way through LA traffic, or spending a long time finding nearby parking. Skip the annoyance of hiking through Universal CityWalk on your way to and from the park. Leave all the worry behind and consider renting a luxuriously chauffeured limo for your day of fun!

5 Best Film Studio Tours in Los Angeles

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