NEW: Limo Ride From LA to Vegas!

2016-Los-Angeles-to-Las-Vegas-limousine-LA-to-Vegas-limo-serviceFor many in L.A., Sin City is the ideal road-trip destination. Close enough for a drive, yet different enough to offer activities and experiences not available in Southern California. The long distance through nothing much except desert sand, the drive can end up being a hassle for many. Especially when you add the heavy Vegas-traffic and navigating its busy city streets into the equation. But does it need to be that way? Absolutely not! As a pioneer in the emerging LA to Vegas limo industry our L.A.-based services have offered chauffeured luxury rides to Sin City for over fifteen years.

Since the first highways connecting SoCal to Nevada were completed in the 1920’s, L.A.-tourists and locals alike have ventured over the state border for a quick but not too short of a getaway. Well, it may have started with only 450 cars per day making the route in 1927, but today when California has nearly 38 million residents, the story is a different one. While they did not have LAX sedan service companies and the great airports of today, air travel between the two cities already began in 1926 when Western Air Express flew the roundtrip route with passengers for a total price of $80. But why go all the way to Nevada when you’re in sunny Southern California? The simple answer here is – you guessed it – gambling. With the casino-industry really taking off in the 1940’s by New York-investors and others, people from throughout the country ventured to Nevada for its great gambling. But the gambling is far from the only reason our clients are utilizing Los Angeles to Las Vegas limousine services, – Sin City is known throughout the world for its rather huge lit up hotels with neon lights and its busy main street, namely the Strip.

the-service-for-LA-to-Vegas-limousine-rides-Los-Angeles-to-Las-Vegas-limo-2016So what are our clientele doing when they reach Nevada? While most head to the Strip right away, we recently transferred clients from one of our Malibu wine tours that wanted to head there for the great boating in Lake Mead! Your imagination sets the limits on what you can do in Sin City, – from ideal vacations of relaxing in the sun to business- or golf trips. From some of the world’s greatest resort hotels to some of the finest restaurants and shopping, this city has it all. No visit to the city would be complete without checking out some of the metropolitan’s most visited attractions, including the iconic Bellagio water-fountain, the Mirage-volcano, the replica of Paris’ Eiffel Tower at Paris, and not forget the famous welcome sign! An LA to Vegas limo trip can include it all! Whether Nevada is your home or you are going on a vacation, we’ll get you there safely and in a timely matter! A recent order of a Calabasas party bus took us by surprised. A group of college friends started their weekend of partying already when they were picked up at their homes in L.A. What an awesome way of beginning a party-weekend, by partying all the way there! What was rather odd about this particular booking was their first initial stop: the Sloan Petroglyph Site in the tiny community of Sloan, Nevada! Turned out they were geology majors researching the area to learn more about the ancient petroglyphs. Numerous of the more than three hundred pictographs and petroglyphs are from Archaic times, and the site is just minutes south of Las Vegas! A Los Angeles to Las Vegas limousine trip can surely be whatever you make out of it.

So whether you want to cross the Mojave Desert in one of our brand new Calabasas party bus vehicles, or whether you are looking for a simple sedan just to avoid the tiring drive yourself, we’re the premium choice for your transportation needs! Bringing the kids? No problem! With numerous SUV’s, sedans, buses and limousines to choose from, you are guaranteed to find a vehicle for whatever group you’re traveling with. A destination worth checking out with the kids is the Adventuredome Theme Park, which boasts more than twenty-five rides right off the Strip. Occupying more than five acres, this theme-park definitely has a ride for all age-groups. For clients wanting an adventurous outing closer to home, we are proud of being the top rated transportation company for amusement parks such as Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Knotts Berry Farm and other theme-parks throughout SoCal. We are also pleased of offering a variety of Malibu wine tours and others, including but not limited to the Santa Ynez Valley, the Santa Maria Valley and Temecula.

Now is the time for a Vegas-excursion! Whether you prefer traveling in one of our limousines, sedans or party buses, or whether you prefer flying your way there, contact us to hear more about our exclusive price-match-guarantee! We not only offer the top rated LA transportation services, but we are also pleased to offer the best rated LAX sedan service available in the greater L.A. region. With more than fifteen years of experience and an unmatched fleet of luxury vehicles, we are excited to prove ourselves as the best company of needs for limos in L.A. and surrounding areas. Headquartered in Westlake Village, we also have minor offices throughout the area to better serve our clients where they are. From Calabasas, Downtown, Santa Monica to Hollywood, we have an office near you and can guarantee a professional service in a professional matter. Contact us today for your transportation needs and hear more about our price match guarantee.


NEW: Limo Ride From LA to Vegas!

Los Angeles Limo To Las Vegas

Los Angeles County Limousine offers sedan and limo rides to Las Vegas

Airfare is getting more expensive than ever, with gas prices rising, rates are expected to stay high.  On top of the high prices you pay from $30-$50 to bring luggage.. Really? Don’t be taken advantage of just because you don’t want to drive yourself to Vegas, instead, book limo service from Los Angeles to Las Vegas at an affordable price.  Many of our clients don’t realize the ease of our transportation services.  There isn’t anyone that doesn’t enjoy the ride with limousine Los Angeles.  We have so many vehicles to choose from to accommodate any size group.  All of our vehicles have the latest and greatest technology and are luxurious and comfortable.  It’s a long ride to Vegas, so why not do it in comfort.

Los-Angeles-to-Las-Vegas-LimoAre you a high roller? A penny slot player?  Either way, Las Vegas will suit your taste. Sample dining menus from top chefs or the buffets just around every corner, try your luck at the blackjack table, or take in an amazing show experience. Just walking the Strip is enough to excite just about anyone! Just a short distance from McCaren Airport.  But wait… have you made up your mind yet? Are you flying or driving?

Would you rather deal with LAX traffic, lines at the airport, cramped airplane seats, when you could stretch out in the back of one of our stylish vehicles with your favorite cocktail in hand?  All of our cars come with great entertainment systems and a stocked bar, what’s better than to get the party started early! No need to wait till you get to Vegas.  We pride ourselves on our customer service, attention to detail, and a quality fleet – but also, we have the most experienced, well trained, and professional drivers in the limousine service industry.

Contact us for your limousine Los Angeles or for your premium, exclusive limo service from Los Angeles to Las Vegas today! Choose your car, and book it!

Los Angeles Limo To Las Vegas