NEW: Limo Ride From LA to Vegas!

2016-Los-Angeles-to-Las-Vegas-limousine-LA-to-Vegas-limo-serviceFor many in L.A., Sin City is the ideal road-trip destination. Close enough for a drive, yet different enough to offer activities and experiences not available in Southern California. The long distance through nothing much except desert sand, the drive can end up being a hassle for many. Especially when you add the heavy Vegas-traffic and navigating its busy city streets into the equation. But does it need to be that way? Absolutely not! As a pioneer in the emerging LA to Vegas limo industry our L.A.-based services have offered chauffeured luxury rides to Sin City for over fifteen years.

Since the first highways connecting SoCal to Nevada were completed in the 1920’s, L.A.-tourists and locals alike have ventured over the state border for a quick but not too short of a getaway. Well, it may have started with only 450 cars per day making the route in 1927, but today when California has nearly 38 million residents, the story is a different one. While they did not have LAX sedan service companies and the great airports of today, air travel between the two cities already began in 1926 when Western Air Express flew the roundtrip route with passengers for a total price of $80. But why go all the way to Nevada when you’re in sunny Southern California? The simple answer here is – you guessed it – gambling. With the casino-industry really taking off in the 1940’s by New York-investors and others, people from throughout the country ventured to Nevada for its great gambling. But the gambling is far from the only reason our clients are utilizing Los Angeles to Las Vegas limousine services, – Sin City is known throughout the world for its rather huge lit up hotels with neon lights and its busy main street, namely the Strip.

the-service-for-LA-to-Vegas-limousine-rides-Los-Angeles-to-Las-Vegas-limo-2016So what are our clientele doing when they reach Nevada? While most head to the Strip right away, we recently transferred clients from one of our Malibu wine tours that wanted to head there for the great boating in Lake Mead! Your imagination sets the limits on what you can do in Sin City, – from ideal vacations of relaxing in the sun to business- or golf trips. From some of the world’s greatest resort hotels to some of the finest restaurants and shopping, this city has it all. No visit to the city would be complete without checking out some of the metropolitan’s most visited attractions, including the iconic Bellagio water-fountain, the Mirage-volcano, the replica of Paris’ Eiffel Tower at Paris, and not forget the famous welcome sign! An LA to Vegas limo trip can include it all! Whether Nevada is your home or you are going on a vacation, we’ll get you there safely and in a timely matter! A recent order of a Calabasas party bus took us by surprised. A group of college friends started their weekend of partying already when they were picked up at their homes in L.A. What an awesome way of beginning a party-weekend, by partying all the way there! What was rather odd about this particular booking was their first initial stop: the Sloan Petroglyph Site in the tiny community of Sloan, Nevada! Turned out they were geology majors researching the area to learn more about the ancient petroglyphs. Numerous of the more than three hundred pictographs and petroglyphs are from Archaic times, and the site is just minutes south of Las Vegas! A Los Angeles to Las Vegas limousine trip can surely be whatever you make out of it.

So whether you want to cross the Mojave Desert in one of our brand new Calabasas party bus vehicles, or whether you are looking for a simple sedan just to avoid the tiring drive yourself, we’re the premium choice for your transportation needs! Bringing the kids? No problem! With numerous SUV’s, sedans, buses and limousines to choose from, you are guaranteed to find a vehicle for whatever group you’re traveling with. A destination worth checking out with the kids is the Adventuredome Theme Park, which boasts more than twenty-five rides right off the Strip. Occupying more than five acres, this theme-park definitely has a ride for all age-groups. For clients wanting an adventurous outing closer to home, we are proud of being the top rated transportation company for amusement parks such as Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Knotts Berry Farm and other theme-parks throughout SoCal. We are also pleased of offering a variety of Malibu wine tours and others, including but not limited to the Santa Ynez Valley, the Santa Maria Valley and Temecula.

Now is the time for a Vegas-excursion! Whether you prefer traveling in one of our limousines, sedans or party buses, or whether you prefer flying your way there, contact us to hear more about our exclusive price-match-guarantee! We not only offer the top rated LA transportation services, but we are also pleased to offer the best rated LAX sedan service available in the greater L.A. region. With more than fifteen years of experience and an unmatched fleet of luxury vehicles, we are excited to prove ourselves as the best company of needs for limos in L.A. and surrounding areas. Headquartered in Westlake Village, we also have minor offices throughout the area to better serve our clients where they are. From Calabasas, Downtown, Santa Monica to Hollywood, we have an office near you and can guarantee a professional service in a professional matter. Contact us today for your transportation needs and hear more about our price match guarantee.


NEW: Limo Ride From LA to Vegas!

Top Mobile Apps for an Executive Traveler

limousine-los-angeles-limo-service-2016Nobody understands the importance of a great phone app more than the business traveler. These guys cross the skies bringing in business and keeping customers happy all year. Considering the amount of miles that they cover any given day, month, or year, it’s easy to know why a good app can make the difference between a business trip that runs easy and one that leaves you feeling like you will never catch up.

The problem… which app to choose? Last year, Android boasted 1.3 million apps in its store and Apple had a bit fewer with 1.3 million apps. One thing that the executive LA limo traveler does not have is a huge abundance of free time for trial and error so we have made a list of top apps for the business traveler.

Great Apps for Business Travel

los-angeles-limo-la-limousine-service-2016TripIt – Allows you to bundle all of your travel itineraries into one calendar format, organizing all your flight info and schedules, hotel reservations, and any meeting information into one location. All information is loaded by simply forwarding all confirmation emails to the TripIt account. The application does the rest.

Available for: iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Andriod

Cost – Basic: FREE, Pro: $49/year

GateGuru – Summarizes flight itineraries into one spot. This allows the business traveler to see any last minute changes in the flight schedule and the amount of time spent in airports or on planes.

Available for: iOS, Windows Phone, Android

Cost – FREE


Our Los Angeles limousine services is a proud provider of top rated Malibu wine tour selections

WeatherPro – This app shows an overview of the weather you’ll experience in all of the locations you are traveling.

Available for: iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Android

Cost – $0.99

iTranslate – International travelers rejoice!! Now there is an app for those strange moments when you are not sure what to say next. iTranslate is capable of translating more than 80 languages.

Available for: OSX, Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Cost – FREE

Mynd Calendar – If you feel like you could use the help of a personal assistant, the Mynd Calendar app is for you. This app acts like an advanced calendar app and is capable of managing the day-to-day aspects of business travel such as notifying multiple people when a meeting will be delayed because of travel or weather.

Available for: iOS

Cost – FREE

Onavo – Feel like your data plan is out of control when you travel? Onavo is an app that tracks where you use date and analyzes data use.

Available for: iOS, Android

Cost – FREE

This article was brought to you by our Los Angeles limousine provider, a world-class luxury, corporate transportation, airport and group shuttle service in the L.A. area and surrounding regions.. Now also offering exclusive Malibu wine tour options and a price match guarantee on all our services! Call (818) 735-9966 today to arrange a luxury transportation experience.

Top Mobile Apps for an Executive Traveler

L.A. Vintage Restaurants

Limousine-in-Los-AngelesWe are lucky at our service for limousine Los Angeles to enjoy so many fun times with our LA limo clients. We are always taking our clients to the most unique and fun destinations throughout SoCal and what a better way to enjoy a Los Angeles limo than to plan a night out that includes a stop at one of L.A.’s vintage restaurants.

We in L .A. have a lot of amazing restaurants, but we lose several a year as owners decide to retire, they sell out, or thy lose their long held lease to progress. We here at LA limo love a good L.A. joint with some history, character, charm, and a good story. It’s more about the atmosphere, ambiance, and the experience rather than a gourmet menu. We love old signs and vintage architecture. It’s sad when old places renovate their mid-century decor. So often clients search online for authentic spots, but finding them is not always so easy. After some detective work here at Limousine Los Angeles, we have compiled a “Master List”. Our criteria is that they are 1930 or older, and that they are within an hour’s drive from downtown. You will find classic diners, steakhouses, delicatessens, hamburger stands and more. Check out our list…

LA-LimoThe Saugus Cafe (1905) Santa Clarita, CA 91355.
Traditional cafe, opened in 1887 at another location. Rebuilt in 1952.

Cole’s (1908) Los Angeles, CA 90014.
Known for their French dip sandwiches, which they claim to have invented.

Phillipe the Original (1908) Los Angeles, CA 90012.
Historic deli. Also claims to have invented French dip. At this location since 1951.

Watson Drugs & Soda Fountain (1915) Orange, CA 92866.
This drugstore opened in 1899. In 1915 they began serving ice cream and comfort food.

Fair Oaks Pharmacy Soda Fountain (1915) Pasadena, CA 91030.
Old fashioned ice cream sodas and lunch. Originally called Raymond Pharmacy.

Golden Spur (1918) Glendora, CA 91740.
Classic mid-century steakhouse on Route 66 that started as a horse ride-up burger stand. Amazing vintage sign of a cowboy boot with spur attached & great vintage interior.

Musso & Frank Grill (1919) Los Angeles, CA 90028.
Old Hollywood classic; red leather & wood booths, amazing signs, vintage American food.

Pacific Dining Car (1921) Los Angeles, CA 90017.
Upscale 24-hour steakhouse in a recreated and ornately decorated train car. At this location since 1923.

Tam O’Shanter (1922) Los Angeles, CA 90039.
Designed by storybook architect Harry Oliver. Classic Scottish steakhouse with ornate interior.

Original Pantry Cafe (1924) Los Angeles, CA 90017.
Originally a block away; in this location since 1950. Serving traditional American food 24 hrs a day.

Joe Jost (1924) Long Beach, CA 90804. Established as a barber shop & pool hall. Serving sandwiches and pickled eggs since prohibition was appealed, this old-time tavern features a wooden bar, wood booths and a pool room full of memorabilia.

limousine-los-angelesNext time you call Limousine Los Angeles and plan a fun night out, why not include a stop at one of the above vintage restaurants? There is nothing more fun than enjoying a night out bar or club hoping in a Los Angeles limo, but adding a fun touch of LA history will just make your fun time even more enjoyable. Call our LA limo service today and let us help you plan a night out to remember! Check us out on YELP and book today!

L.A. Vintage Restaurants

SoCal Wine Tours

los-angeles-wine-tour We have been a top rated provider of Southern California wine tours for more than fifteen years. We offer customized wine tours throughout the SoCal region, for instance to the Santa Maria Valley, Happy Canyon, Los Alamos Valley, Temecula, the Malibu Canyons, Ballard Canyon, Santa Ynez Valley, and so many other great vineyard regions found in Southern California. Among our LA limo clientele, wine tasting venues in the heart of L .A. as well as along the Pacific Ocean have been two trends in the most recent years. To help you get a feel of what exactly to expect of an LA wine tour, as well as helping you with the choice of picking a vineyard region in Southern California, we’ve written with help of our wine concierge a few tips on choosing the right winery in Southern California.

santa-ynez-wine-tourFirst and foremost, Southern California wine’s sensible difference from the wines of the word derives from the terrain and Mediterranean climate found in for instance Santa Barbara County and Los Angeles County, the two most popular county destinations for our Los Angeles wine tour customers. Few places have wineries getting more sun than in Southern California and the Greater L .A. Area. The cool nights and sea breezes, maybe particularly present in the Santa Maria Valley, Santa Ynez Valley and Malibu, have a tremendous impact on creating some of the best rated wines and vineyard regions of Southern California. Certain wine grapes that prefer cooler climates, maybe particularly Pinot noir, will therefore be the best in areas along the coast where the climate is chillier, while on the other hand, wines such as Chardonnay, will be the best in areas further inland with less perception and exposure to coastal mist. See also our articles on Southern California Wine Varietals and the Vineyard Conditions of SoCal. For having provided the SoCal community with our LA Wine Tour now for more than fifteen years, Los Angeles Limo has also hired our own wine concierge, which is available for your questions 24/7.

LA Wine Tour

la-wine-tourIt may be hard to understand, but the Los Angeles River Basin was once home to hundreds of vineyards and wineries at the time it was solely a pueblo. Most of the wineries were removed from Los Angeles County during the Prohibition times, except for one, which is the San Antonio Winery of Downtown. Today, there are few other wineries located in Downtown LA, but there are numerous wine tasting venues and wine tasting bars located in a fifteen minute radius of the San Antonio Winery in Downtown. For LA wine tour customers preferring to stay local, these wine bars have become increasingly popular among groups of friends going out for a luxurious wine tasting and dining in L .A. Unlike most wine tasting venues in Southern California, Los Angeles wine bars often also serve a greater selection of beer as well as food. Some even are great at the art of food and wine pairing, which is well worth trying out for the wine noobie. Besides the San Antonio Winery of  Downtown, which is a designated Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument dating back to 1917, some of the other wine tasting opportunities found here include: the A.O.C. Wine Bar, Bacaro LA, Colorado Wine Company, Cork Bar, Enoteca Drago, 55 Degree Wine, Monsieur Marcel Wine Bar, the Little Door, LOU Vine, in addition to the Bodega Wine Bar and the Rustic Canyon Wine Bar in Santa Monica. While Enoteca Drago in Beverly Hills is based on Italian wine varietals and the Monsieur Marcel Wine Bar is based on French wines, the LOU and Cork Bar are focused on the Californian varietals. The Cork Bar also offers San Diego brewed beers, and is therefore also a popular LA beer crawl destination.

los-angeles-county-limousineOther popular LA wine tour destinations are Silverlake Wine, Bottlerock, Covell, Domaine LA, and many more. The Bottlerock wine tasting venue by the Staples Center in Los Angeles offers over 800 different wines and is a popular LA limo destination. Covell on Hollywood Boulevard offers wine tasting in a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere, with a staff that is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to wine varietals. Another popular wine destination, although no LA wine tour, is the Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival. The festival includes numerous wine tasting events, wine and food pairings, lunches, and appetizers. Many of our LA wine tour customers also prefer the extended cruise up the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu, where they either sip wine by the Pacific at Rosenthal, or many visits the Malibu & Vine or ventures up the canyons to the great hidden wineries of the Santa Monica Mountains and Malibu Canyons. Malibu & Wine is well-known for their gorgeous outdoor seating area with local Malibu wine labels such as Semler and Saddlerock. The food-and-wine matchings on their Sunday brunch from 10 am to 1 pm is also worth checking out. At Malibu Wines further up in the canyons, there is an even prettier outdoor seating area, nestled in the Malibu Canyons. There are also often live entertainment such as live music, stand-up comedy, movie screenings, etc. here, and you are allowed to bring your own food.

Santa Ynez Wine Tour

Santa-Barbara-Wine-TourThe Santa Ynez Valley of Santa Barbara County has recently become one of the most requested wine tour destination in Southern California. The valley ― which is made up of the small towns of Los Olivos, Santa Ynez, Buellton, Ballard and Solvang ― is nestled in the Santa Ynez Mountains and offer some of the greatest and most authentic & traditional wine tour options in Santa Barbara County. It is a picturesque and gorgeous valley, with a population of barely 20,000 people spread over a vast area of natural beauty. Our LA wine tour clientele’s favorite wines here are their Chardonnay in the cooler western portion, while Rhône varietals have become increasingly popular in the drier and warmer eastern portion of Santa Ynez Valley. The area surrounding the two small towns of Los Olivos and Santa Ynez is said to have among the most beautiful landscapes found in California and this region is therefore your best bet for a quiet wine tasting opportunity in beautiful surroundings in the great outdoors. Besides Los Olivos and Santa Ynez, Ballard Canyon and also Happy Canyon have become increasingly popular destinations for our LA wine tour customers in the recent years. Unlike the Santa Maria Valley, the wineries of the Santa Ynez Valley are grouped together with short distances between the different wine tasting venues and wineries, maybe particularly in the Los Olivos area. There are nearly 43,000 acres of vineyards in the Santa Ynez Valley, but the ones preferred by our Los Angeles limo clientele are, in no particular order: the Koehler Winery, Zaca Mesa Winery, Rusack Vineyards, Bridlewood Estate Winery, Sunstone Winery, and Rideau Vineyard, while others include the Fess Parker Winery and Vineyards, Firestone Vineyard, Carhartt Winery & Vineyard, Gainey Vineyard, Alma Rosa Winery, and Longoria Wines.

los-angeles-wine-tastingKoehler Winery is a winery that has it all, although their Cabernet sauvignon, Syrah, Viognier, and Sauvignon blanc may be the best. It is located in beautiful and quiet surroundings, which makes the outdoor area a great place to enjoy wine and even picnicking. The Zaca Mesa Winery is among the oldest wineries in all of Southern California and they pioneered Syrah in the county back in 1972. It also has some great varietals of Viognier, Chardonnay, Mourvédre, and Roussanne. This place as well is a great place to bring some food and have an outdoor picnic while wine tasting. The Pride of Ballard Canyon, as it’s often nicknamed, Rusack Vineyards, has arguably the greatest picnic areas in all of Santa Ynez Valley and our Los Angeles limo customers often fall in love with their Anacapa, which is their own flagship Bordeaux style wine. The outside areas are wonderful with great views of vineyards throughout all Ballard Canyon. Bridlewood Estate Winery is a beautiful mission-style winery, set on hundreds of acres of land in Santa Ynez. What now looks like a mission was once an equestrian center and the winery and its wines therefore has a “horse-theme”. There are particularly three wines our Los Angeles Limousine concierge recommends here, their top-notch Syrah and Viognier, but also others they do great, such as Port, Zinfandel, Pinot noir and Chardonnay. It is removed from the main road and offers quiet and beautiful surroundings from its outdoor veranda. One of the absolute favorites among our LA wine tour customers recently is the Sunstone Winery, which is situated only a mile from another popular one, the Kalyra Winery. Sunstone Winery has a Spanish feel and the focus here is on organic wine growing. This is also a beautiful, huge winery located with beautiful surroundings and removed from the main road. “They are particularly known for their Merlot, but they also produce great Syrah, Viognier and Sauvignon blanc”, says our Limousine Los Angeles wine concierge. Lastly, but surely not least, the Rideau Winery & Vineyard is an incredibly popular Santa Ynez wine tour destination. Housed in an 1884 two-story adobe, this winery quickly became one of the most popular Santa Barbara wine tour destinations after it was founded in 1997. Their main emphasis is Viognier, Syrah, Grenache, and Roussanne.

Malibu Wine Tour

malibu-wine-tourMalibu is the new frontier of California wine making, and because of its close proximity to Downtown and location in L.A. county, Malibu has become one of the most popular wine tour destinations for Los Angeles limousine. You may think of sand and surf, but the canyons of Malibu offer great wineries nestled in canyons of natural beauty – far from big city life and with a real country feeling. This emerging wine country is here to stay, and as of 2015, there are over fifty wineries located in Malibu! The hot days and cooler nights make the ideal growing conditions for numerous wine grape varietal’s, and few sceneries can beat Rosenthal, where you are sipping wine while looking out over the Pacific, or Malibu Family Wines, which is settled in a quiet separate canyon by itself and offers some of the greatest wine tasting opportunities in Southern California. By the coast is where we find great wine tasting venues as Rosenthal, which is located across the highway from the Pacific Ocean, and there are many popular wineries found further inland, mainly in the Malibu Canyons. L .A.’s most popular Los Angeles wine tour — our Malibu wine tour — will take you to the greatest wineries found nestled between the canyons of Malibu. We regularly serve all types of wine tasting venues in the Malibu area, but then again the most popular among our Limousine Los Angeles clientele are, in no particular order: Rosenthal Wine Tasting Room, Cornell Winery, Malibu Family Wines, SIP Malibu, and the Malibu & Vine Tasting Room. Other wineries and wine tasting venues in Malibu includes the Ladyface Alehouse, which also has a wide selection of beer varietals and is a popular LA beer crawl destination, as well as Casa Dumetz Wines, Hoyt Family Vineyards, Malibu Solstice Vineyard & Wines, Dolin Malibu Estate Vineyards, and Church Estate Vineyards. The top wines in the Malibu region is recognized as Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet sauvignon, Grenache, Muscat, and Viognier.

malibu-wine-toursCornell Winery is among the most popular LA wine tasting destinations. Cornell offers and specializes in local wines from the Malibu Canyons. There is also a restaurant right next door, the Old Place Restaurant, which is a charming old restaurant, frequently visited on our Malibu wine tour. Cornell Winery also brags the largest selection of wines in all of the Malibu region. Rosenthal Wine Bar & Patio along the Pacific Ocean in Malibu proper is another Malibu wine tour hit. During weekends, there are often live performances here as well as a food truck on site. They are particularly known for their Merlot, Petite Verdot, Cabernet, and Syrah. Rosenthal has several award winning wines, including their 1999 Merlot which won a double gold medal at the Tasters Guild International Wine Judging, in addition to gold medals from the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition and the Los Angeles County Fair Wine Competition. One of the Los Angeles wine tour clientele’s absolute favorites is the Malibu Family Wines in the Malibu Canyons. This winery is entirely outdoors and situated in a gorgeous and secluded canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains. As they also do serve wine made in Northern California, make sure to ask for their own varietals made in the surrounding vineyards. Their Reserve Cabernet and Merlot are maybe what their mostly known for, but with their extensive list of great wines it is difficult to make a wrong choice. Their ’05 Semler Merlot has received a lot of recognition and awards, including gold medals from the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. Make sure to check their calendar, because this place is packed with famous stand-up comedians, live music and entertainment, as well as food trucks on site, on several occasions. Limousine Los Angeles is proud of having worked with Malibu Family Wines for over a decade, and your Malibu wine tour won’t let you down!

Santa Barbara Wine Tour

Deep Sea Tasting Room On the Idyllic Stearns Wharf Pier is a popular Santa Barbara wine tour option.
Deep Sea Tasting Room On the Idyllic Stearns Wharf Pier is a popular Santa Barbara wine tour option.

Besides the great wine regions of Santa Barbara County, found in for instance Los Olivos, Santa Ynez, Ballard Canyon and the Santa Maria Valley, there have been an increased demand among our LA wine tour clientele to make the trip up to the City of Santa Barbara for wine tasting. Although there are no vineyards per say in Santa Barbara and Solvang proper, these two cities have an amazing selection of wine bars with great local made California made wines. The Deep Sea Tasting Room, situated out on the Stearns pier in Santa Barbara, might offer the best views of the Pacific Ocean to be sipping wine to. In the community of Solvang, there are also numerous wine tasting bars in walking distance from one another, in the middle of town. There are also numerous great wine focused restaurants in the City of Santa Barbara, making the wine tasting venues here particularly popular for either city dates close to home in Santa Barbara, or just a group of friends getting together for some great wine tasting in America’s Riviera. Among the most popular tasting rooms in Santa Barbara are: Au Bon Climat, Kalyra Winery Wine Tasting Room, Pali Wine Company, Deep Sea Tasting Room and Fox Wine Co. Other wine tasting bars in Santa Barbara include Jamie Slone Wines, Jaffurs Wine Cellars, Cebada Vineyard & Winery, Whitcraft Winery, Summerland Winery, Happy Canyon Winery, Kunin Wines, Carr Vineyards and Winery, Area 5.1 Winery, Margerum Wine Company, Silver Wines, Cottonwood Canyon Winery, Sanguis Wine, Oreana Winery, Lafond Winery & Vineyards, Municipal Winemakers, Santa Barbara Winery, Riverbench Santa Barbara, Sanford Winery, Grassini Family Vineyards & Winery, the Valley Project Tasting Room, and many more.

santa-barbara-wine-tastingKalyra Winery on State Street is one of our Santa Barbara Wine Tour clients favorite spot in town. Just two blocks from the beach, you can taste some really great Californian and Australian wine varietal’s here. The winery is famous for having been featured in the 2004 film Sideways. The oldest winery in all of Santa Barbara County, the Santa Barbara Winery, is located right next door to the Kalyra Winery Tasting Room. It was established in 1962 and it particularly famous for their Chardonnay, but also Pinot noir, Sangiovese and Sauvignon blanc. As this place has helped shape the development of the Santa Ynez Valley and other areas in the county as premier wine making regions, there are also a great amount of history here. Oreana Winery is located right across the road from the Santa Barbara Winery. Another block towards the beach is where we find Kunin Wines & Westerly Vineyards, which is an increasingly popular Santa Barbara Wine Tour destination and also popular among our LA wine tour clientele and LA limo customers. This tasting room is within eyesight of the Pacific and they are particularly known for their award winning Viognier and Rhône wines. Carr Winery, on the other hand, is mostly known for their Syrah and Pinot noir. At Carr Vineyards and Winery the wine is often served with live music or entertainment, as well as smaller appetizers for wine & food pairings. We could also point out that the crowd booking LA wine tour to Carr Winery tend to be younger than most of the wineries.

wine-tasting-in-los-angelesWe are tremendously proud of offering wine tours throughout SoCal, for instance our customized top-notch Malibu Wine Tour, LA Wine Tour, Santa Ynez Wine Tour, and our Santa Barbara Wine Tour. We also offer other LA wine tours, for instance, to the Temecula Valley, San Diego, Antelope Valley, and more! We offer a price-match-guarantee and we serve all of Southern California. A recent trend is interest in visiting the Hamilton Oaks Vineyard and Laguna Canyon Winery in Laguna Beach, CA. Check them out! Also, feel free to check out our Yelp reviews! For your limousine Los Angeles, contact us today to book.

SoCal Wine Tours

L.A. Events Directory Listings

limousine-los-angelesL.A. Events Directory Listings – L.A. Concerts, Sporting Events & More!

Visit the LA Weekly Event Calendar, decide on a fun local event and then call Limousine Los Angeles to take you there!  LA Weekly Events Calender showcases the latest happening here in L.A! Discover upcoming Los Angeles Concerts, Sporting Events, L.A. Festivals, Shows, and Current Los Angeles Special Events! Any of these events are made that much more special by booking a Los Angeles limo service!

Our LA limo service is L. A.’s premier events transportation provider. We specialize in L.A. event limousine and party bus services.

At the  L.A. Weekly Event Calendar visitors can view many of the upcoming local events and connect with us for your luxury limo services. Our team of Los Angeles Transportation Specialists are ready to provide you with a quote or take your booking.

Our representatives at our LA limo offices make booking a sedan, limousine, or party bus for your favorite local event easy and convenient. Call us or visit us online or more information or to book your Los Angeles limo service online.

Los Angeles concert limo specialists

limo-los-angelesOur services providing limousine Los Angeles is your LA concert limo service headquarters! We enjoy providing safe, comfortable, and dependable limo and party bus rentals. Get your group of friends together and book with us today for a night out you will not soon forget! You’ll will get our VIP limo service and be treated like a star!

L. A. festivals & city event transportation

Los Angeles limousines provides all kinds of transportation for all the L.A. events and festivals. If you are flying into LAX – L os Angeles International Airport to attend one of the special events or if your local, LAX limo service can take you to and from the airport to your event! Just be sure to reserve your vehicle of choice before its booked.

Call for your LA limo today for all your event transportation, limo rental, or LAX limo needs.

L.A. Events Directory Listings