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Limo visiting Santa Monica Pier
Limo tour to Pacific Park

Limos in Los Angeles are called by vacationers on a daily basis. A top tourist limousine drop-off is the world famous Santa Monica Pier. Here you can discover great ocean-view eateries, enjoy the rollercoaster or check out the various souvenir shops located here. Having been featured in a variety of world-class cinema, the hundred year-old pier has become an icon for the City of Angels. But these 8 facts we are pretty sure you did not know about the official end of Route 66!

8) Aquarium

Few limo riders know there is an aquarium situated underneath the pier, featuring over a hundred species of sea life. Just a few species on display include stingrays, sharks and Garibaldi.

7) Great Depression

The Great Depression nearly ended the amusement park, and one by one, all rides disappeared but the original carousel. The park underwent renovation in the late 1930’s, and new attractions were later introduced. While the Depression meant to end for most amusement park piers, Santa Monica Pier became the largest of its kind in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

6) Original Muscle Beach

The first Muscle Beach was situated just by the pier, while it was replaced to Venice Beach in the mid 50’s.

5) Best Fishing

The pier was for long a favorite fishing destination in the Los Angeles area. Ads from the 20’s described it as “Los Angeles’ Best Fishing Spot.”

4) Many Piers

Few clients reserving Los Angeles limos are aware of the fact that there were numerous piers in Santa Monica. The current pier, constructed in 1909, was previously known as Pleasure Pier.

3) Don’t Swim!

Heal The Bay, an independent organization, rated Santa Monica Beach as the 7th most polluted in California as of 2014. Why not order limos for Malibu? Latigo Beach in Malibu is rated amongst the cleanest in the state. Latigo is a short 16-mile limo ride northbound in Los Angeles County.

2) America’s Biggest Ballroom

LA locals renting a limousine from Angeles Forest to the pier told us an interest fact. After a quick stop in Westlake, they showed us a book highlighting how La Monica Ballroom was the largest in the nation in the mid 1920’s, with a capacity of over 10,000 guests!

1) Forrest Gump and Baywatch

Hundreds of films and TV-series have been shot at the pier. A number of tourists in Los Angeles simply refer to it as “the Baywatch Beach” or “the beach pier where Forrest Gump was filmed.” This is one of the reasons why this is attraction number one for many visitors renting limousines.

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Limousine parked at the pier in Los Angeles
Limo SUV at Pacific Park
8 Things You Didn’t Know About Santa Monica Pier | Limo Service

Best Los Angeles Camping! | Limo & Party Bus Service

Campground in Angeles Forest in LAEven top rated providers of Los Angeles limos get asked “What are the best campgrounds in LA?” And as our limo service has transferred countless campers to campgrounds in and around Los Angeles, our service also knows a thing or two about camping in the area. Whether to combine Malibu wine tours with an overnight camp at the beach, or an LA limousine ride to the campgrounds of Angeles Forest, trust us to get you there in comfortable style. Besides stylish limousines, we also have a large fleet of SUVs, sedans and party buses. Let our limousine service present our tips for “Best Camping in Los Angeles County”!

Beach Camping

Malibu wine country
Malibu wine country

You have many options for beach camping in LA County. Not necessarily the most scenic, nonetheless, Leo Carrillo State Beach might be the most popular camping destination for limos. Situated on the opposite side of the PCH from the beach itself, Leo Carrillo Campground offers free WiFi and is within walking distance of convenience stores. The most scenic beach camp in Malibu however may be Thornhill Broome Beach State Park. Here you can camp right in the sand dunes in front of the waves and fall asleep with an ocean view while waking up to the sights of dolphins. Another limo favorite is Malibu’s Sycamore Canyon Campground, which also sits on the opposite side of the freeway. Want to combine a Malibu wine-tasting tour with a campout at the beach? Try Topanga State Beach, which can be visited by a pathway leading from a popular wine-tasting venue, namely Rosenthal Wine Bar! Another great pick for beach camping is Dockweiler State Beach by LAX.

Mountain & Forest Camping

A campground in Los Angeles, CA
A campground in Angeles National Forest

Some of the best campgrounds can be found in the inland parts of the county. Our favorites include Buckhorn Campground, Meadow Group Campground, Manker Flats Campground, Table Mountain Campground, and Horse Flats Campground. All of these are located in the city’s own backyard national forest, Angeles National Forest. Closer to town, Henninger Flats by Pasadena offers breathtaking views of Los Angeles and the Channel Islands. We have even transferred tourists with limo in Los Angeles to campgrounds such as Buckhorn- and Table Mountain Campgrounds. Buckhorn has a creek where fishing is permitted, and many come here for skiing during winter. At an elevation of over 7,200 ft., Table Mountain keeps closed during winter but opens again during spring. The campground is located in a palm tree forest and offers great panoramic views of the Mojave Desert. The lower Horse Flats Campground (5,000 ft.) sits next to Mt. Hillyer and offers a truly secluded forest campout.

Prefer a mountain with a lower elevation? In the Malibu wine country of the Santa Monica Mountains is where we find Malibu Creek Campground.

Lake Camping

Hiking trail in Angeles National ForestThere are primarily two lakes in the county visited by limousine services for camping. Crystal Lake in the Angeles Forest, and Castaic Lake, by far the largest lake in Los Angeles County. A third alternative is Lake Campground by Jackson Lake. Fishing is permitted in all three lakes, but motorized boats are only allowed in Castaic Lake. Crystal Lake sits at an idyllic 5,800 ft. elevation and offers great opportunities for hiking and picnicking. Swimming, waterskiing and boating are popular activities by Castaic Lake. While a large variety of freshwater fish can be caught in Castaic Lake, Crystal Lake is known for its great trouts. Some of the fish that can be seen in Jackson Lake include trouts, sunfish, bluegill and bass. While there are 60 campsites at Castaic Lake State Recreation Area, there are 180 by Crystal Lake. Lake Campground by Jackson Lake has only 8 campsites. Reserving your site before arrival is therefore highly recommended.

Prefer camping by a river rather than lake? Check out Camp Williams Resort where you can camp on the riverside as close to the San Gabriel River as you can get.

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Prefer island camping? Check out Two Harbors Campground on Santa Catalina Island! For whatever destination you’re in need of a Los Angeles limo service, we can take you there! We provide limo rentals throughout all of Southern California, and best of all, with us you are guaranteed a low price by our exclusive price-match-guarantee! LA limousine vehicles, luxury SUV’s and party buses can be used to style up any event, and make the day memorable. Contact us today at toll free phone number 866.319.LIMO for any questions you may have.

Best Los Angeles Camping! | Limo & Party Bus Service