6 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Los Angeles | Hidden LA

8-los-angeles-limo-secrets-hidden-laThe City of Angels is truly the place of secrets. Sure we all know of the Santa Monica Beach, Hollywood Sign, Walk of Fame and all the other popular tourist sights, but why not try something new and unusual? Popular isn’t always best, beat the crowds by visiting some lesser known and different type of activities. Do you know Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes are located in the Malibu area? Or do you know the original and world’s oldest McDonald’s is located in Downey? Or that the world’s highest slide is attached to the West Coast’s tallest building in Downtown LA? From 1,000 feet high glass elevators, hidden nuclear disasters to original old fashioned drive-through movie theaters — here are some our top picks for a hidden LA experience! Whether you are in need for a SUV, sedan, stretch limo, party bus or Hummer limousine, we can help you plan and experience the LA adventure of your dreams! With professional chauffeurs, top rated and timely services, you can rest assure you are traveling in utmost luxury when riding with our LA limo services.

6. The Original Movie Experience

The Electric Dusk Drive-In

Showing films on a top of a Downtown LA roof top, the Electric Dusk Drive-In is one of the few remaining original movie theaters in Los Angeles. Here you can see watch the film from inside the car (or limo), or you can enjoy the film from the outdoor lawn. Order your favorite snacks, drinks and feel free to bring your four-legged friend along! Running twice monthly from the City Market in the heart of Downtown L.A., make sure to plan your movie date by checking out their online schedule. Enjoy beautiful panoramic views of LA while enjoying classic movies such as Grease, Coming to America, Dirty Dancing and other classics. For another 1950’s drive-in movie-experience, check out the Pacific Theaters Vineland Drive-In for a similar experience in the City of Industry, CA. Other Americana drive-in movie theaters include the Mission Tiki Drive-In Theatre, the West Wind Drive-In of Santa Barbara, Santee Drive-In Theater or the Van Buren Drive-In of Riverside. With movie sound on your car stereo through the FM network, movies at the Van Burden Drive-In can be a lot of fun, locally just referred to as the Orange Ranch due to its history as an orange grove. For a cool ocean breeze, head up north to Goleta’s West Wind Drive-In for affordable prices and an unforgettable movie experience.

5. World’s Oldest McDonalds


World’s oldest operating McDonalds restaurant

Many Angelenos might not be aware of the fact that the world’s oldest operating McDonalds restaurant is located here in the Greater Los Angeles Area. On Florence Ave. in Downey, CA is where we find the 3rd oldest McDonalds restaurant which is also the oldest still functioning McDonalds store having opened in 1953. Being one of Downey’s most visited tourist attractions, the staff at this particular restaurant still wear the original 1950’s uniform and still serve the meals from the original recipe. This retro dining experience is significantly different from the other 36,614 McDonalds restaurants of the world. Come here to see employees with the traditional paper hats and try out the original deep-fried apple pies. When other restaurants changed their menus in the late 60’s, this particular restaurant began its tradition of refusing to change its menu and rather stick to the good ole 1950’s menu. Although a few newcomer meals are being served here today, you can find all the same dishes served here in the 50’s. In fact, this McDonalds is also the only one that never changed mascots in 1967 to Ronald McDonald, but is rather sticking to the first McDonalds mascot, namely Speedee. Limo and party bus clientele often love their historic museum and gift store located here.

4. The Skyscraper Glass Elevator


A truly unique LA experience is the 1,000 feet high skyscraper elevator in Downtown. The Otis Glass Elevator attached to the Westin Bonaventure Downtown has become a super popular destination for tourists and locals alike riding with our Los Angeles limo service. The elevators are outdoors, attached to the building with impressive views of the city. The 34-floor view offers panoramic views of the city.

3. Gandhi’s Ashes


Mahatma Gandhi World Peace Memorial

Close to where our limos daily venture out on Malibu wine-tasting tours is where we find the Mahatma Gandhi World Peace Memorial which holds the ashes from Mahatma Gandhi. Located within the Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine in Pacific Palisades, a little bit inwards from the Pacific Ocean, Gandhi’s grave is a popular destination for our limousine services and a highly historic place few Angelenos are aware of. Dedicated in 1950, millions of visitors have paid their visits to the California World Peace Memorial. The ten-acre park is also home to a Dutch windmill, various gift shops and beautiful surrounding garden properties. With beautiful views of the Santa Monica Bay, a waterfall, marble statues and beautiful flora and fauna, this is the ultimate place to find peace and meditate. Come here to take in the natural beauty, the peaceful setting and to watch the koi, ducks, swans and turtles. The five world religions are represented through shrines here, including a cross for Christianity, a wheel for Buddhism, a star for Judaism, a moon for Islam and an Aum for Hinduism. Why not get a limo to witness something unusual? Being located close to various Malibu wineries and wine-tasting rooms, Malibu wine-tasting tours can easily be combined with a visit to the World Peace Memorial.

2. Hidden Nuclear Disaster


How about a Malibu wine tour by the Pacific?

Few people are aware of the fact that the worst nuclear meltdown in U.S. history took place in the Santa Susana Mountains of Simi Valley, California. Releasing an unknown level of radioactivity into the air and nearby environment, the consequences of the 1950’s meltdown at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory remains largely unknown. As the authorities and government decided to keep the disaster disclosed and secret for the public for numerous years, the disastrous Sodium Reactor Experiment is most certainly a part of hidden LA history. Although the site currently is located on private property owned by Boeing, the adjacent Sage Ranch is open to public and offers numerous trails for visitors. The Burro Flats Painted Cave with pictographs dating back thousands of years are also located in the nearby area, but is unfortunately also closed to public due to vandalism. Although it may not exactly be the most popular tourist- or limousine services destination, no one knows the Santa Susana’s better than our service with limousines available from our Ventura County offices in Simi Valley. Sage Ranch Park is located at 1 Black Canyon Road, and is visited for a variety of recreational activities, including but not limited to hiking, mountain biking, wildlife observation and more. It’s an ideal location for photographing with idyllic panorama views of the Simi Valley, Pacific Ocean, Channel Islands, Santa Monica’s and the San Gabriel Mountains.

1. World’s Highest Slide


downtown-los-angeles-party-busAttached to the West Coast’s tallest building, the U.S. Bank Tower, is where we find the Skyslide, located nearly 1,000 feet above the ground. Daredevils will love taking the Skyslide from the building’s 70th floor and enjoy the sweeping views of LA before descending into its 69th floor. Being a relatively new attraction which didn’t open until 2016, the Glass Skyslide is unknown to most Angelenos and might be one of the region’s most underrated attractions. The slide costs $33: a $25 admission fee to enter the deck and an additional $8 fee in order to ride the slide. The 32 mm slide is made entirely out of glass which makes for a daredevil’s most exciting slide ride of their life, complete with 360-degree views of Downtown LA. Not only can residers brag about having been in a slide 1,000 ft above ground, but also having been in the tallest building west of the Mississippi River. Furthermore, the U.S. Bank Tower is also the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere! The open-air observation deck here is also home to bar where you can get something to relax while waiting in line listening to the screams of those going before you.

Did you know America’s second-biggest meteorite can be seen in SoCal?

Whatever the place, let us and our Los Angeles limo service transport you in style & luxury. We serve all of Southern California and we’re proud to be the top rated limousine services in the Greater L.A. Region. Contact us today to hear more about our unique price match guarantee!

6 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Los Angeles | Hidden LA


Ask us about top L.A. dating locations!


There is something so unappealing about doing the same repetitive things as we date here in L.A.  Let’s see… Dinner and a movie? Gag! Dating should be fun!  Here are just a few ideas to get you started.  Think outside-the-box! 

Bowling – Vintage Style

The Spare Room

Want to have a fun, yet sophisticated date, class up your game at The Spare Room. This vintage style bowling spot is upscale, lavish, and in the Roosevelt Hotel.  It only has two lanes!! Booking early is a must! The venue also offers a really nice cocktail bar, and classic board games.   Wanna “wow” her with your Monopoly skills?. They offer half-price bowling along with happy-hour food and drink prices on Wednesdays from 8-10pm if you wanna save a few bucks.  There are other venues throughout L.A. such as Shatto 39, All Star Lanes, and Pinz are a solid option, but for us at our LA limo company, we prefer The Spare Room.

A Cooking Class

Hip Cooks

Professional cooking makes for a great date!
Professional cooking makes for a great date!

Are you a top chef? or do prefer crockpot cooking? Either way, your cooking skills could always use a tweak! Learn a few new skills and make a mess together at one of the Hip Cooks classes.  The classes are romantically themed and affordable! It’s a great way to get to know someone better and enjoy a few hours together.  Not only that, but you get a meal out of it! Usually includes booze as well, just like in your limousine Los Angeles!

A Drive-in Movie

Electric Dusk Drive-In

Remember those fun summer nights at a good old fashioned drive in? You will witness roller-skating carhops, so place your order! You can bring your own food, blankets, and make yourself comfortable.  They play classic movies that you enjoy in the comfort of your own vehicle.  What could be better?  Watch the movie, or steam up the windows, either way, a good time will be had at the only drive-in theater left in L. A. proper.  You don’t need a stretch limousine for this one.

Wine Tasting

Malibu Wines

Malibu Family Wines often offer live music, food and wine for a remarkable date night!
Malibu Family Wines often offer live music, food and wine for a remarkable date night!

Malibu Wines is a favorite of our wine tour customers. Sonoma County is a bit far to drive for a date, but this handy wine tasting venue along Mulholland offers sips of wine and an amazing atmosphere! Pack a picnic or order a pizza delivered to the venue, it’s a nice way to spend a few hours getting to know one another. The weekends are the best time to visit as they offer live music and Friday night food trucks.  We provide limo transportation here every weekend and our clients rave about this place!

Horseback Ride

Sunset Ranch

Nothing better to get to know one another than a horseback ride together.  Maybe you only have been on a pony as a child, it doesn’t matter, anyone can saddle up and enjoy a horseback ride around Griffith Park.  The city views are absolutely amazing and add some romance to the ride.  On the third Saturday of the month they put on what they call a “big-ass BBQ” and have live music at the ranch.   A truly fun way to enjoy a country-style date.

We have clients all the time asking for ideas, we have enjoyed many years of experience and have a vast knowledge of the fun and eclectic venues throughout Los Angeles.  If you can’t find something interesting to do in this town, you just not interesting… If your looking for something unique and different, call us, we can help! Our Los Angeles limo rental is a great resource whether or not you are renting a limousine.  We don’t have to make a sale in order to help you… Call us anytime!