30+ Tips For Adventure In LA

Santa Monica Beach is a popular limo destination for our transportation service

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA is a city of contrasts, and the second most populated city in America. L.A. compromises a huge area, and unlike other major cities such as New York or Chicago, L .A. does not have a city core or one particular center where things are packed together. Instead, Los Angeles has numerous centers found throughout the larger L. A. area. The fact that the city is so spread out accompanied with its bad traffic reputation, hiring an LA limo service will help unload much of the stress. Our experience in having offered LA limo rides for more than fifteen years is that most traffic is encountered prior to 10 am, and also between 3:30 pm and 7 pm. And as most Californians know, L. A. traffic means bumper-to-bumper in 5 mph if not worse. For tourists and other visiting the city of angels, it is highly important to be prepared and know what to expect. As certain venues and areas are located hours away from one another, having a day-planner of “what to see when” can be very helpful. In order for tourists to better know what to expect in L.A., we have made this list of Los Angeles travel tips, ideas and advice for a memorable and adventure-filled time.


Hollywood Boulevard is a must on any LA trip

By far the most popular beach destinations for our clientele are Santa Monica Beach and Venice Beach. These beaches can easily be experienced in one day, some rent a Los Angeles limousine to drop them off by the Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, and later call for their pick-up from neighboring Venice Beach. Santa Monica also is its own city (the LA area is divided into 88 independent cities, believe it or not!), and it is in Downtown Santa Monica we find Third Street Promenade, which is a tremendously popular shopping destination. A larger number of cafés and restaurants are found along the beaches, including for example the great Le Pain Quotidien on the Third Street Promenade. Many locals and tourists alike rent bikes and/or surfboards at Venice Beach, and you can also easily bike from here to the Santa Monica Pier and its beach. While the beach in Venice has been called SoCal’s number one freak-show by many, this is definitely a spot you would like to have experienced at least once. It is here we find the famous and iconic Muscle Beach, as well as botox- and medical marihuana suppliers by the dozens.

transportation-service-provided-by-los-angeles-limo-the-la-limousine-serviceHollywood is maybe the most popular Los Angeles limo destination for tourists utilizing our services. It is of course here you will find the Hollywood Sign and Hollywood Boulevard with its Walk of Fame. The outdoor shopping mall Hollywood & Highland is also a must in this area, especially for anyone into shopping and the latest fashion. For tourists visiting this area for the first time, this mini Los Angeles travel guide will give a couple of heads-up: 1) Along the Hollywood Walk of Fame you will be approached by people wanting to hand you their CD. Do not be fooled, they are not free and they will ask you for money after giving them to you. 2) You will see people dressed up as various movie characters, maybe particularly outside of the Chinese Theatre. They do not work for free, and taking their photo usually costs a minimum of a dollar. Hollywood has more to offer than the city-life, believe it or not. The hiking trails by Runyon Canyon are not only naturally gorgeous, but offer great views of as far as the Pacific Ocean and Santa Monica. We have also chauffeured LA limo clients for the free yoga held here every morning. If you would like to be in the audience for any of the TV-shows filmed in the Hollywood area, Burbank or Universal City, remember to book this great time in advance.

Griffith Observatory offers some stunning views of the city!

Beverly Hills is maybe mostly visited for window shopping on Rodeo Drive, but shopping in Beverly Hills does not necessarily need to cost a fortune. For example does the Beverly Center offer numerous budget-friendly alternatives, and many love the great lunch served at the roof here. If you are in the L .A. area for only one day, and you happen to be here just to shop, we would on the other hand rather recommend the Grove. The Grove is an outdoor shopping center next the the original farmers market. For shoes, many hiring an LA limo service decide on the Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse on Sunset Boulevard. Other popular attractions in Southern California and the Greater LA Area include Disneyland in Anaheim, Universal Studios, Warner Bros Studios, Santa Catalina Island, Griffith Observatory in Griffith Park, Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown, Staples Center, Malibu, and so, so much more. The possibilities are endless for anyone in Southern California, it is just about finding out what you want to experience on your L.A. trip. For some, horseback-riding by the Hollywood Sign may be the coolest experience to bring on home after visiting LA. For others, it may be the beaches of Malibu, so famously depicted in Baywatch, or maybe one of the great studio tours offered at the various studios. If you are into wine-tasting and stunningly beautiful nature, why not look into the great wine-tours offered in the region? Our Los Angeles limo service offers customized wine-tours to regions throughout Southern California, several in close proximity to Los Angeles and even an award-winning wine-tour option to Malibu in LA County.

For whatever reason you are visiting the City of Los Angeles, renting a Los Angeles limousine will help make your visit more enjoyable, adventurous, and luxurious… We are proud of offering the top rated luxury transportation service in the L. A. region. We are reachable 24 hours per day, 365 days per year at toll-free number (866) 319-LIMO. Call us today to hear more about our price-match-guarantee and to receive your free quote today.


30+ Tips For Adventure In LA

10+ Reasons To Love Santa Monica!

santa-monica-limo-Los-Angeles-LimousineAs the premier Los Angeles limousine service with the best reviews in the L .A. area, we are proud to not only be the largest provider of Santa Monica limousine services, but also the top rated Santa Monica limo service. Therefore, we’ve decided to dedicate an article to the most visited attraction in the City of Santa Monica, and one of the most visited destinations by our LA limo service, namely the lovely Santa Monica Pier on Santa Monica State Beach. Situated at the foot of Colorado Ave. in Santa Monica, this 100 year old Santa Monica Historic Landmark is among the top ten requested destinations for tourists ordering through our Los Angeles limo services. You may think of the carousel appearing in the movie The Sting, or Bubba Gump Shrimp from Forrest Gump, or maybe Titanic or Baywatch?? Anyways, the Santa Monica Pier has undoubtably been one of the most recognized landmarks on the West Coast since it was built in 1909.

limousine-santa-monica-limo-serviceThe Santa Monica Pier is located on the Santa Monica Beach, another tremendously popular destination for clients searching for limousine Santa Monica. Situated at the center of the Santa Monica Bay, the Santa Monica State Beach has been a popular beach since the early 1890’s and is today maybe most visited for its great surfing, swimming, sun bathing, cycling, and other recreational activities. The beach itself is a California State Park and includes 3.5 miles of pristine Pacific coastline by the center of the Greater LA Area. For a variety of entertainment and dining, a lot of our clients seeking a limousine Los Angeles chose the Santa Monica Pier as their destination of choice. The pier is the oldest of its kind on the West Coast and is in fact made up of two adjacent piers. It includes the 1922 carousel at the Pacific Park amusement park and the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium is located underneath the pier, which is a trending Los Angeles limo destination. The world famous Muscle Beach, most famous for being a hangout spot for Arnold Schwarzenegger, is located just south of the Santa Monica Pier. The pier is also visited by many searching a limousine Santa Monica for its great dining. Some of the restaurants here include the Mexican restaurant Mariasol at the pier end, and many of our LA Limo Service clients tell us about the great chili dogs at Mariasol Cocina Mexicana. Many also head to nearby Big Dean’s Café for a beer and some grilled chicken. Many LA tourists reserving a limousine Los Angeles for this particular destination tell us about often about Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, a shrimp restaurant featured in Forrest Gump which is also owned by the corporation that produced the movie.

santa-monica-limousine-LA-limoOther popular destinations for our sedan service and Santa Monica limo service include Third Street Promenade and the Santa Monica Place, Pacific Park and Santa Monica State Beach, Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, Bergamot Station, Museum of Flying, Santa Monica Looff Hippodrome, Angels Attic, Santa Monica Museum of Art, St. Monica Catholic Church, and the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. For upscale shopping, many of our LA limo clients head to the Santa Monica Place on Third Street Promenade. Some of the larger and most popular retail shops here include H&M, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Abercrombie & Fitch, American Apparel, Armani Exchange, Guess, Apple, Quicksilver, American Eagle Outfitters, Old Navy, and hundreds of other destinations for shopping. The open-air Santa Monica Place Mall is particularly popular amongst our Santa Monica limousine clientele. Here, visitors shop at stores such as Nordstrom, Burberry, Tiffany & Co, Emporio Armani, Louis Vuitton, or enjoy a lunch at the recently renovated Rooftop Dining Deck.

Whatever your destination in Southern California, we’re here to accommodate your needs and wants for the best luxury transportation. We are very proud to have become the largest and top rated Los Angeles limousine service, now also offering a price-match-guarantee. Whether you are looking for transportation for your wedding day, bachelor party, or just a sedan service or airport shuttle, we are here to help. You can contact us at any day & time at toll-free number (866) 319-LIM O or through our websites. Remember to always check out customer reviews before booking any limousine- or sedan service!
10+ Reasons To Love Santa Monica!

LA Bar Crawl Fun

limo-los-angelesLos Angeles Bar Crawl – L.A. Bar Hopping Party Bus Fun!

Get your friends together and experience a limousine Los Angeles Bar Crawl Party. Enjoy the fun and excitement of the evening while cruising to L.A.’s hottest pubs, bars, dance clubs and nightlife hot spots in one of our luxury limousines, sedans, or party buses. We will help you command VIP status no matter where your destination. We have helped make Los Angeles Bar Crawls a major hit and popular thing to do here in the L.A! Any given night you will find a Los Angeles Limo taking clients to and from L.A.’s hottest venues.

Los Angeles Bar Crawl – Safely & Total Comfort


limousine-los-angelesNo worries about drinking and driving – Your professional driver will make sure that all your friends get to and from each venue safely so you only need to focus on having a blast. Limousine Los Angeles takes our clients needs and comfort very seriously. We operate our company at the highest level of customer service available and go beyond the basic requirements. We train our chauffeurs and staff to exceed the clients expectations. “Total Satisfaction” is our motto and we strive to make your Los Angeles Limo experience one you will refer to your family, friends, and co-workers!

Los Angeles Nightlife Party Bus Services
LA limo and party bus is your best source for transportation when it comes to Los Angeles bar crawls and club hopping. Our premium luxury limousines and Party Buses are the most luxurious, comfortable, and convenient way to enjoy the L.A. nightlife.  If you are renting a limousine in Los Angeles, do it right!

LA Bar Crawl Fun

L.A. Events Directory Listings

limousine-los-angelesL.A. Events Directory Listings – L.A. Concerts, Sporting Events & More!

Visit the LA Weekly Event Calendar, decide on a fun local event and then call Limousine Los Angeles to take you there!  LA Weekly Events Calender showcases the latest happening here in L.A! Discover upcoming Los Angeles Concerts, Sporting Events, L.A. Festivals, Shows, and Current Los Angeles Special Events! Any of these events are made that much more special by booking a Los Angeles limo service!

Our LA limo service is L. A.’s premier events transportation provider. We specialize in L.A. event limousine and party bus services.

At the  L.A. Weekly Event Calendar visitors can view many of the upcoming local events and connect with us for your luxury limo services. Our team of Los Angeles Transportation Specialists are ready to provide you with a quote or take your booking.

Our representatives at our LA limo offices make booking a sedan, limousine, or party bus for your favorite local event easy and convenient. Call us or visit us online or more information or to book your Los Angeles limo service online.

Los Angeles concert limo specialists

limo-los-angelesOur services providing limousine Los Angeles is your LA concert limo service headquarters! We enjoy providing safe, comfortable, and dependable limo and party bus rentals. Get your group of friends together and book with us today for a night out you will not soon forget! You’ll will get our VIP limo service and be treated like a star!

L. A. festivals & city event transportation

Los Angeles limousines provides all kinds of transportation for all the L.A. events and festivals. If you are flying into LAX – L os Angeles International Airport to attend one of the special events or if your local, LAX limo service can take you to and from the airport to your event! Just be sure to reserve your vehicle of choice before its booked.

Call for your LA limo today for all your event transportation, limo rental, or LAX limo needs.

L.A. Events Directory Listings

Take A “Bizcation”

lax-limoBusiness trips don’t have to be stressful! The latest trend in the business world is “bizcations”, a blend of relaxation and productivity without a compromise on either.  With some good planning and organization you can have the best of both worlds!  So many customers using our services for limousine Los Angeles are businessmen here on a work related trip and decide to call our Los Angeles limo service to take a wine tour or use our LAX limo service.

Take Some Vacation Days During The Trip

Do you have several vacation days accrued, yet never the time to use them? What a better way to use them then at the beginning or end of a business trip.  If you have been sent to London for a business seminar, just add a couple of your vacation days on the end of your trip.  The company has already picked up your airfare expense, so why not take a few personal days of vacation, without the cost of airfare you can really enjoy a fun destination for very little personal expense to you.

maintain the separation of work & play

los-angeles-limoYou shouldn’t be working all the time, even when you are traveling for work. Set limits so that your office knows when you are on personal time, and be sure to turn off your cell phone! Once after regular office hours are over, it’s your time, and you can head out and explore the city. Working late into the night is only going to kill your productivity and wear you out.  Also be sure that when your seminar is over and you are off the business clock, your bizcation begins! Say no to business meetings and business calls and begin to enjoy your personal time! This is when a LA limo comes in handy!

Make Good Use of the Weekends

If you have no vacation days accrued, make sure to take advantage of weekends, especially if there is a three day weekend in the mix. By planning your trip around a weekend you can gain a couple days vacation time without using any of your vacation time.  If you take a week long business trip, make use of the weekend on each end.  All you need to pay for is your hotel and ground transportation. (of course that’s gotta be a Los Angeles limo!)

Most companies will support you in your quest for a “bizcation,” especially if it doesn’t cost them. If your boss is a bit hesitant, check the airfare and see if it may be cheaper for the company if you return a few days later.  You may find cheaper airfare depending on the dates and you can show your employer how they can save a few bucks and create a win-win! At Limousine Los Angeles we aid our clients make the very best of their bizcations with our Los Angeles Limo service.  Whether it just be a LAX Limo or an extended limo wine tour, we can help! Call our LA limo customer representatives or visit our websites!


Take A “Bizcation”

Our LA limo service company!

Limo-Bus-Los-AngelesIf you’re in SoCal to visit new friends or old friends, for a meeting, a night out, a social event, etc., our LA limo service should be your choice for a limousine in Los Angeles. We will create an atmosphere in which you can enjoy your time, be comfortable, and relax as you deserve. Our luxury limos Los Angeles is the way to go!

Coming to L.A.?
Thousands of clients have benefited from our transportation services.  We give you a perfect way to enjoy your time in the L.A. area, not to be compared with the other services out there, our company is 5 Star rated and we have a Price Match Guarantee.  We know that we can’t be beat! Show your class and style, don’t you deserve it?
Style & Safety Guaranteed!
la-limousineOur drivers are the most experienced in the industry.  They all hold commercial licenses, have background checks, are drug tested, and experience certified.  You will undoubtedly be chauffeured around by some of L.A.’s best drivers, your safety guaranteed! It makes all the difference when they know the area and venues that you are being driven to.

Our Experience!

We have been established in the L.A. area for over 15 years.  When other companies have come and gone, we remain and continue to grow as each year passes. We service L. A., Ventura, and Santa Barbara Counties.  We are licensed and insured, so have no doubt, we will get you to your destination safely and in style!

We provide transportation for Proms, Weddings, Sporting Events, Concerts, LAX sedan service, LA wine tours, and any type of special occasion requiring luxury transportation.  Make sure to check out our LA limo services online as we are your best choice for a limousine in Los Angeles. Our luxury limos Los Angeles can’t be beaten!! Check out our reviews online and then call us!

Our LA limo service company!

Be Our Guest At The Magic Castle!

limo-los-angelesThe Magic Castle is one of those regular venues visited in a limousine Los Angeles and one of L.A.’s most recognized landmarks. It is a members-only club with very private and limited access,  where the best magicians study and perform the art of magic. Known as the Academy of Magical Arts, the Magic Castle opened back in 1963, but the history of the castle as a private residence goes back even further.

The 1910-era mansion sits in the middle of historic Hollywood.  It was originally built and owned by a rich banker, Rollin Lane.  By the 1940’s the home had fallen onto hard times and served some time as a boarding home.  The Larsen brothers Bill and Milt, then purchased the home to help make their parents dream of opening a “magic club” come to pass.   The Larsen family was a magic dynasty.  William & Geraldine, were the king and queen of magic!  In an era when woman were just the “assistant” to a magician, Geraldine became the first female to perform her own magic on television.  The Larsen family also in 1936 launched the first magazine of its kind relating to magic.  Started in 1936 and still published to this very day.  During the Great Depression, the Larsen’s began touring and bringing their magic act to hotels all over SoCal.

Hollywood-LimoToday, people from near and far travel great distances to the castle to see the magic shows. Some of entertainments most famous illusionists and magicians hold memberships at the castle.  Including Lance Burton, Siegfried and Roy, David Blaine, and Penn and Teller to name a few.   Not just anyone can get in to the very exclusive castle, one must be invited or already be a member.  The clients using our services for Los Angeles limo has an exclusive membership connection in which we can provide our clients with entrance to the Magic Castle with any booking.

Back it’s hay-day, characters like  Johnny Carson and Cary Grant visited regularly, and today, Jimmy Kimmel,  Johnny Depp, and Sarah Silverman are regulars. This year, Katy Perry hosted her costumed birthday party at the castle.

The Magic Castle is an iconic L.A. landmark where illusion and mystery is combined with historic Hollywood.  Much of the interior of the mansion is decorated with leftovers from Hollywood studio sets before they were discarded. 13 different performance stages are found through Secret doors and panels hidden all over the castle.  Our Los Angeles limo clients always have the best time and enjoy their time at the castle.  If you are looking for something unique and different to do, and not just a limo rental,  give us a call!  Be one of our invited guest to the Magic Castle!
Be Our Guest At The Magic Castle!