6 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Los Angeles | Hidden LA

8-los-angeles-limo-secrets-hidden-laThe City of Angels is truly the place of secrets. Sure we all know of the Santa Monica Beach, Hollywood Sign, Walk of Fame and all the other popular tourist sights, but why not try something new and unusual? Popular isn’t always best, beat the crowds by visiting some lesser known and different type of activities. Do you know Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes are located in the Malibu area? Or do you know the original and world’s oldest McDonald’s is located in Downey? Or that the world’s highest slide is attached to the West Coast’s tallest building in Downtown LA? From 1,000 feet high glass elevators, hidden nuclear disasters to original old fashioned drive-through movie theaters — here are some our top picks for a hidden LA experience! Whether you are in need for a SUV, sedan, stretch limo, party bus or Hummer limousine, we can help you plan and experience the LA adventure of your dreams! With professional chauffeurs, top rated and timely services, you can rest assure you are traveling in utmost luxury when riding with our LA limo services.

6. The Original Movie Experience

The Electric Dusk Drive-In

Showing films on a top of a Downtown LA roof top, the Electric Dusk Drive-In is one of the few remaining original movie theaters in Los Angeles. Here you can see watch the film from inside the car (or limo), or you can enjoy the film from the outdoor lawn. Order your favorite snacks, drinks and feel free to bring your four-legged friend along! Running twice monthly from the City Market in the heart of Downtown L.A., make sure to plan your movie date by checking out their online schedule. Enjoy beautiful panoramic views of LA while enjoying classic movies such as Grease, Coming to America, Dirty Dancing and other classics. For another 1950’s drive-in movie-experience, check out the Pacific Theaters Vineland Drive-In for a similar experience in the City of Industry, CA. Other Americana drive-in movie theaters include the Mission Tiki Drive-In Theatre, the West Wind Drive-In of Santa Barbara, Santee Drive-In Theater or the Van Buren Drive-In of Riverside. With movie sound on your car stereo through the FM network, movies at the Van Burden Drive-In can be a lot of fun, locally just referred to as the Orange Ranch due to its history as an orange grove. For a cool ocean breeze, head up north to Goleta’s West Wind Drive-In for affordable prices and an unforgettable movie experience.

5. World’s Oldest McDonalds


World’s oldest operating McDonalds restaurant

Many Angelenos might not be aware of the fact that the world’s oldest operating McDonalds restaurant is located here in the Greater Los Angeles Area. On Florence Ave. in Downey, CA is where we find the 3rd oldest McDonalds restaurant which is also the oldest still functioning McDonalds store having opened in 1953. Being one of Downey’s most visited tourist attractions, the staff at this particular restaurant still wear the original 1950’s uniform and still serve the meals from the original recipe. This retro dining experience is significantly different from the other 36,614 McDonalds restaurants of the world. Come here to see employees with the traditional paper hats and try out the original deep-fried apple pies. When other restaurants changed their menus in the late 60’s, this particular restaurant began its tradition of refusing to change its menu and rather stick to the good ole 1950’s menu. Although a few newcomer meals are being served here today, you can find all the same dishes served here in the 50’s. In fact, this McDonalds is also the only one that never changed mascots in 1967 to Ronald McDonald, but is rather sticking to the first McDonalds mascot, namely Speedee. Limo and party bus clientele often love their historic museum and gift store located here.

4. The Skyscraper Glass Elevator


A truly unique LA experience is the 1,000 feet high skyscraper elevator in Downtown. The Otis Glass Elevator attached to the Westin Bonaventure Downtown has become a super popular destination for tourists and locals alike riding with our Los Angeles limo service. The elevators are outdoors, attached to the building with impressive views of the city. The 34-floor view offers panoramic views of the city.

3. Gandhi’s Ashes


Mahatma Gandhi World Peace Memorial

Close to where our limos daily venture out on Malibu wine-tasting tours is where we find the Mahatma Gandhi World Peace Memorial which holds the ashes from Mahatma Gandhi. Located within the Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine in Pacific Palisades, a little bit inwards from the Pacific Ocean, Gandhi’s grave is a popular destination for our limousine services and a highly historic place few Angelenos are aware of. Dedicated in 1950, millions of visitors have paid their visits to the California World Peace Memorial. The ten-acre park is also home to a Dutch windmill, various gift shops and beautiful surrounding garden properties. With beautiful views of the Santa Monica Bay, a waterfall, marble statues and beautiful flora and fauna, this is the ultimate place to find peace and meditate. Come here to take in the natural beauty, the peaceful setting and to watch the koi, ducks, swans and turtles. The five world religions are represented through shrines here, including a cross for Christianity, a wheel for Buddhism, a star for Judaism, a moon for Islam and an Aum for Hinduism. Why not get a limo to witness something unusual? Being located close to various Malibu wineries and wine-tasting rooms, Malibu wine-tasting tours can easily be combined with a visit to the World Peace Memorial.

2. Hidden Nuclear Disaster


How about a Malibu wine tour by the Pacific?

Few people are aware of the fact that the worst nuclear meltdown in U.S. history took place in the Santa Susana Mountains of Simi Valley, California. Releasing an unknown level of radioactivity into the air and nearby environment, the consequences of the 1950’s meltdown at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory remains largely unknown. As the authorities and government decided to keep the disaster disclosed and secret for the public for numerous years, the disastrous Sodium Reactor Experiment is most certainly a part of hidden LA history. Although the site currently is located on private property owned by Boeing, the adjacent Sage Ranch is open to public and offers numerous trails for visitors. The Burro Flats Painted Cave with pictographs dating back thousands of years are also located in the nearby area, but is unfortunately also closed to public due to vandalism. Although it may not exactly be the most popular tourist- or limousine services destination, no one knows the Santa Susana’s better than our service with limousines available from our Ventura County offices in Simi Valley. Sage Ranch Park is located at 1 Black Canyon Road, and is visited for a variety of recreational activities, including but not limited to hiking, mountain biking, wildlife observation and more. It’s an ideal location for photographing with idyllic panorama views of the Simi Valley, Pacific Ocean, Channel Islands, Santa Monica’s and the San Gabriel Mountains.

1. World’s Highest Slide


downtown-los-angeles-party-busAttached to the West Coast’s tallest building, the U.S. Bank Tower, is where we find the Skyslide, located nearly 1,000 feet above the ground. Daredevils will love taking the Skyslide from the building’s 70th floor and enjoy the sweeping views of LA before descending into its 69th floor. Being a relatively new attraction which didn’t open until 2016, the Glass Skyslide is unknown to most Angelenos and might be one of the region’s most underrated attractions. The slide costs $33: a $25 admission fee to enter the deck and an additional $8 fee in order to ride the slide. The 32 mm slide is made entirely out of glass which makes for a daredevil’s most exciting slide ride of their life, complete with 360-degree views of Downtown LA. Not only can residers brag about having been in a slide 1,000 ft above ground, but also having been in the tallest building west of the Mississippi River. Furthermore, the U.S. Bank Tower is also the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere! The open-air observation deck here is also home to bar where you can get something to relax while waiting in line listening to the screams of those going before you.

Did you know America’s second-biggest meteorite can be seen in SoCal?

Whatever the place, let us and our Los Angeles limo service transport you in style & luxury. We serve all of Southern California and we’re proud to be the top rated limousine services in the Greater L.A. Region. Contact us today to hear more about our unique price match guarantee!

6 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Los Angeles | Hidden LA

10+ Best Things To Do In Los Angeles!

the-walt-disney-concert-hallTHE CITY OF ANGELS is highly energetic and home to everything from lifestyle gurus, wanna-be-stars and some of the world’s biggest stars and celebrities. Bright lights, big billboard ads and the coolest cars: everyone will find a reason to love L.A. Millions of visitors travel here every year anxious to experience the California dream, walk in the footsteps of their biggest idols or attend concerts or events. The fantasy worlds of Disneyland and Hollywood, the lifestyle of the rich and famous in Beverly Hills and the blooming Malibu beach culture are just some of the attractions in the City of Angels. While not really a city but rather a widespread metropolis, it’s home to over eighty communities connected by an advanced network of busy freeways. Downtown is a mixture of about everything: traditional basketry in Chinatown’s Bamboo Lane, the great sushi bars and Japanese gardens of Little Tokyo, and shopping for souvenirs at the historic Olvera Street. Residents of the city come from 150 countries and speak nearly a hundred languages. First-time visitors to Los Angeles get often overwhelmed: where do you begin? And how to navigate all the highways? The best tip is: keep your cool and make a few priorities and plans in advance.

LA-limo-and-party-bus-serviceFor those interested in the TV- and film industry, Hollywood or Universal Studios are two great starting points (so are Studio City and the Burbank studio tours). For the best beaching, you obviously have many choices in the area: stroll along the Venice- and Santa Monica Beaches for the most popular nearby beaches, or venture to Malibu or Orange County for some of California’s most scenic beaches. Looking to spend time in the great outdoors? LA’s city park, the Griffith Park, is the largest urban park in the nation and home to animals such as mountain lions, bobcats, and more. An alternative is the many hikes in the nearby Santa Monica Mountains for the most outdoorsy LA limo customers. For those with an interest for culture, a great starting point could be the Getty Center, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) or Norton Simon Museum. For the most urban start, head to the Sunset Strip or the Universal CityWalk. For those interested in California wines and vineyards, venture out in nature on Santa Barbara, Temecula or Malibu wine tours guaranteed to offer great wine-tasting and gorgeous sceneries.

  • HOLLYWOOD: Honor your favorite stars at the Hollywood Walk of Fame or head to the Hollywood & Highland Center for great shopping and views of the Hollywood Sign. If you’re into filming and films, definitely see the Kodak Theater where the Oscars takes place, or spend an hour at the Hollywood Museum. Music interested tourists that recently ordered LAX airport transfer through us decided to head straight to the famous music shop, Amoeba Records. Catching a movie at the Chinese Theater is another signature Hollywood experience. So is visiting a couple of the area’s popular nightclubs after dark.
  • UNIVERSAL STUDIOS: One of Los Angeles’ most popular attractions is the Universal Studios Hollywood, said to be the world’s largest movie-studio. The main attraction is the Studio tour, a guided tram ride through the enormous filming complex, for instance by the stars’ wardrobes and scenes from various films such as the Back to the Future movies, Jurassic Park, American Psycho, Jaws, and Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives. There are also various popular rollercoasters, carousels and other rides, often based on movies including the Mummy ride, the Jurassic Park water ride, and more.
  • WARNER BROS: The guided tour offered at Warner Bros. is offering larger and more technical insight on how the studios operate. The two-hour long tour often includes live filming of popular television series, and many of our Los Angeles limousine service clientele have told us about seeing different celebrities here including Ellen DeGeneres and others. For other studio tours, check out the Sony Pictures Studio Tours and the Paramount Studio Tours, or the Melody Ranch Motion Picture Studio & Museum or Paramount Ranch.
  • WEST LA: This part of town is where the stars live, shop and go out on town. West L.A. includes some of the most affluent and prestigious LA neighborhoods, including Bel Air and Beverly Hills. You can go on a guided tour to discover the homes of the rich and famous, or buy a map and do the tour on your own. Some of the region’s best restaurants, most trendy restaurants and late-night bars are found along Melrose Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard. Sunset Strip, which is a part of the larger Sunset Boulevard, is known for its energetic nightlife with numerous nightclubs, bars and fashionable hotels.
  • BEACHES: Miles of sandy beaches are stretching out along the Pacific coast and is a signature part of the Los Angeles lifestyle. Malibu might be the most beautiful seaside city in the county, with its broad beaches, green parks and larger homes. On Santa Monica Beach is where we find the iconic Santa Monica Pier, known for its 1920’s carnival rides and lovely eateries. Venice Beach will give you the classical L.A. experience with beautiful, tanned bodybuilders on Muscle Beach and roller-skaters cruising up and down the boardwalk. Venture a little further south for the nicest beaches in the county, see for instance Manhattan-, Hermosa- and Redondo Beaches. 1,000 Steps Beach in Orange County might be one of America’s most gorgeous beaches and is absolutely worth visiting for a day for relaxation on the beach. 
  • GETTY CENTER: Contrary to popular belief, L.A. has an intellectual and refined side. The Getty Center has a larger collection of paintings, photographs and other art collections on a spectacular hill overlooking the Santa Monica’s, the Pacific Ocean and the City of Angels. And best of all, the Getty Center has free admission for every visitor!EAT & DRINK

    wp24-dining-roomA recent celebrity chief in a LA limo told us that the L.A. kitchen represents the most creative and experimental cooking in the Western Hemisphere. The city is situated in a global intersection with influences from a cosmopolitan mix of people, foods and culinary traditions.

  • RESTAURANTS & EATERIES: Some of our dining picks would be Ciudad for top-notch tapas and Latin-American meals, and Mélisse for fine French dining with crystal chandlers and many flowers. With its extensive wine menu, the A.O.C. wine bar has become an alternative to Temecula- and Malibu wine tours by serving great local wines accompanied with great food. Asanebo is a relatively undiscovered restaurant known to many as “the world’s best Japanese restaurant.” Try some of their specialties such as the hummer cocktail with caviar or the tasty tuna with onion cream. Hidden away in the fourth floor at the Omni Hotel is one of the city’s most experimental restaurants, Noé, where you for instance can try out the famous shrimp martini(!) To start the day off right with a French omelet and a cappuccino, head to Angelieque Café and enjoy this cozy French-inspired café. For breakfast all day long, check out Square One Dining in West L.A.
  • BARS & NIGHTLIFE: A week of nightly events in the city can give you the taste of everything from celebrity hangout clubs, designer- and salsa bars, and some of the best standup comedy there is. What could possibly be more quintessential Los Angeles than to go party bus barhopping in Hollywood? For some of the best views of Downtown, many head to the Standard hotel for a drink on the rooftop bar overlooking the city with beautiful views. To dance the night away, check out the Avalon, Sound, or Elevate Lounge. At Elevate Lounge you can enjoy views of Downtown from the 21st floor of a skyscraper with panoramic city views. Exchange L.A. is another pick in Downtown, while the Avalon- and Sound nightclubs are the most visited in Hollywood. You’ll enjoy the Spanish music at the Conga Room and the Laugh Factory is definitely an underrated place of fun often visited by celebrities such as Chris Rock and others. Many of the standup comedy venues offer free admission and makes for a great outing. Keep in mind that most of the famous comedians began their careers doing complimentary comedy, this is your chance of discovering the stars even before they’re known! 

    SHOPPING & ACCOMMODATIONLos-Angeles-limousineFor shopping, Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive and Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade are two beloved destinations for any Los Angeles limousine service. Hollywood and Highland is another great pick for shopping, while your best bets for souvenirs may be the Venice Boardwalk or Downtown’s Olvera Street. Do you wanna see celebrities? Try the boutiques on Robertson Boulevard. For boho-chic-clothes, check out the vintage stores and brand new designer shops on Melrose Avenue and Melrose Place in West Hollywood (Marc Jacobs, Marni, Paul Smith.) The more special stores along Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice is another place worth visiting. Montana Avenue and Third Street Promenade are two streets in Santa Monica worth checking out, including the Santa Monica Place shopping mall is a must for shoppers in the region. For designer stores, antiques and art galleries – see Beverly- and Robert Boulevards and Melrose Avenue. For the best selection of unique clothing, see Echo Park, Silver Lake or Los Feliz. A unique Hollywood experience can be to visit a few of the music dealers in town, some which often sign deals with various stars. Amoeba Music on Sunset is a must with its gigantic selections of CD’s and vinyls.

    limos-in-Los-Angeles-limo-serviceLodging options are plenty in the L.A. area and you can find a motel, hotel or resort to fit not only your pocketbook, but preferences in location, dining, views, shopping, and so on. For a hotel right on the beach, try out Shutters on the Beach, located on 1 Pico Boulevard in Santa Monica. All the rooms have luxurious bathrooms with bubble baths and spa items. The nice location on the beach and the one-in-a-kind interior make this hotel one of the most popular luxury hotels in the region, and a popular LA limo guest destination. The elegant 1927 Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel was home to the first Oscars. The hotel was popular for local stars and glamour in Hollywood’s golden years, and the hotel bar Teddy’s is still a favorite hangout spot for many of the city’s celebrities. The USA Hostels Hollywood is an energetic and affordable place of accommodation in walking distance from Hollywood’s late-night bars and dance clubs.


  • limousines-Sunset-Strip-HollywoodTHE AIRPORT is fifteen miles southwest of the city. A free airport bus goes from the airport to the Metro Rail Green Line Aviation Station, leaving from the downstairs level on every terminal. You may also take the airport buses to the bus terminal, where you can connect to buses going throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area. Taxis are an option, even though a cab can easily cost more than $50 to your final destination in the L.A. area. An option more convenient may be to order an LAX airport transfer with guaranteed timely arrival.
  • LOCAL TRAFFIC can sometimes be a hazard. The city is so spread out that traveling without a car can be frustrating and time consuming, but so can the local traffic be. A popular option is to rent a car at the airport or car rental company and try to maneuver the freeways. The complicated freeway system may seem intimidating if you are not familiar with driving in big cities, but a rental car and GPS are still the best ways to explore the city. It is possible to get around by bus, but you’ll unfortunately often have to change buses multiple times. The metro system has three lines but covers just a minimal portion of the city, but the metros come and go often which make them a fast and effective way to get around town.
  • LGBT TRAVELERS will enjoy West Hollywood – embraced as “America’s first gay city” when it first was incorporated in 1984, a year the city also elected a lesbian mayor and included the rainbow flag onto its official city flag. Here you will find an array of LGBT-owned and LGBT-friendly businesses, nightclubs, shops, services, bars, hotels, and everything in between. For an iconic Hollywood experience, bring your friends for party bus club-hopping in colorful WeHo!
10+ Best Things To Do In Los Angeles!

NEW: Limo Ride From LA to Vegas!

2016-Los-Angeles-to-Las-Vegas-limousine-LA-to-Vegas-limo-serviceFor many in L.A., Sin City is the ideal road-trip destination. Close enough for a drive, yet different enough to offer activities and experiences not available in Southern California. The long distance through nothing much except desert sand, the drive can end up being a hassle for many. Especially when you add the heavy Vegas-traffic and navigating its busy city streets into the equation. But does it need to be that way? Absolutely not! As a pioneer in the emerging LA to Vegas limo industry our L.A.-based services have offered chauffeured luxury rides to Sin City for over fifteen years.

Since the first highways connecting SoCal to Nevada were completed in the 1920’s, L.A.-tourists and locals alike have ventured over the state border for a quick but not too short of a getaway. Well, it may have started with only 450 cars per day making the route in 1927, but today when California has nearly 38 million residents, the story is a different one. While they did not have LAX sedan service companies and the great airports of today, air travel between the two cities already began in 1926 when Western Air Express flew the roundtrip route with passengers for a total price of $80. But why go all the way to Nevada when you’re in sunny Southern California? The simple answer here is – you guessed it – gambling. With the casino-industry really taking off in the 1940’s by New York-investors and others, people from throughout the country ventured to Nevada for its great gambling. But the gambling is far from the only reason our clients are utilizing Los Angeles to Las Vegas limousine services, – Sin City is known throughout the world for its rather huge lit up hotels with neon lights and its busy main street, namely the Strip.

the-service-for-LA-to-Vegas-limousine-rides-Los-Angeles-to-Las-Vegas-limo-2016So what are our clientele doing when they reach Nevada? While most head to the Strip right away, we recently transferred clients from one of our Malibu wine tours that wanted to head there for the great boating in Lake Mead! Your imagination sets the limits on what you can do in Sin City, – from ideal vacations of relaxing in the sun to business- or golf trips. From some of the world’s greatest resort hotels to some of the finest restaurants and shopping, this city has it all. No visit to the city would be complete without checking out some of the metropolitan’s most visited attractions, including the iconic Bellagio water-fountain, the Mirage-volcano, the replica of Paris’ Eiffel Tower at Paris, and not forget the famous welcome sign! An LA to Vegas limo trip can include it all! Whether Nevada is your home or you are going on a vacation, we’ll get you there safely and in a timely matter! A recent order of a Calabasas party bus took us by surprised. A group of college friends started their weekend of partying already when they were picked up at their homes in L.A. What an awesome way of beginning a party-weekend, by partying all the way there! What was rather odd about this particular booking was their first initial stop: the Sloan Petroglyph Site in the tiny community of Sloan, Nevada! Turned out they were geology majors researching the area to learn more about the ancient petroglyphs. Numerous of the more than three hundred pictographs and petroglyphs are from Archaic times, and the site is just minutes south of Las Vegas! A Los Angeles to Las Vegas limousine trip can surely be whatever you make out of it.

So whether you want to cross the Mojave Desert in one of our brand new Calabasas party bus vehicles, or whether you are looking for a simple sedan just to avoid the tiring drive yourself, we’re the premium choice for your transportation needs! Bringing the kids? No problem! With numerous SUV’s, sedans, buses and limousines to choose from, you are guaranteed to find a vehicle for whatever group you’re traveling with. A destination worth checking out with the kids is the Adventuredome Theme Park, which boasts more than twenty-five rides right off the Strip. Occupying more than five acres, this theme-park definitely has a ride for all age-groups. For clients wanting an adventurous outing closer to home, we are proud of being the top rated transportation company for amusement parks such as Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Knotts Berry Farm and other theme-parks throughout SoCal. We are also pleased of offering a variety of Malibu wine tours and others, including but not limited to the Santa Ynez Valley, the Santa Maria Valley and Temecula.

Now is the time for a Vegas-excursion! Whether you prefer traveling in one of our limousines, sedans or party buses, or whether you prefer flying your way there, contact us to hear more about our exclusive price-match-guarantee! We not only offer the top rated LA transportation services, but we are also pleased to offer the best rated LAX sedan service available in the greater L.A. region. With more than fifteen years of experience and an unmatched fleet of luxury vehicles, we are excited to prove ourselves as the best company of needs for limos in L.A. and surrounding areas. Headquartered in Westlake Village, we also have minor offices throughout the area to better serve our clients where they are. From Calabasas, Downtown, Santa Monica to Hollywood, we have an office near you and can guarantee a professional service in a professional matter. Contact us today for your transportation needs and hear more about our price match guarantee.


NEW: Limo Ride From LA to Vegas!

Transportation You Can Trust!

LAX-car-service-Los-Angeles-party-bus-service-limo-limousineOur top rated Los Angeles limousine services are committed to providing the highest quality luxurious transportation to our clients, for any and all occasions. It doesn’t matter what type of transportation you are looking for, what really matters is we put all the focus on providing you the best LA limo services, even going beyond what you would expect. We offer very nice, luxury limos in L.A., as well as Ventura & Santa Barbara Counties. Whether you are looking for an affordable transportation service in the area or you would like to hire a LAX car service.

24 hour availability

We can help you with all your transportation needs, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Let us take care of your airport departure or arrival and you can relax while our driver helps you with your luggage, travel plans, and treat you like a true VIP by providing you with a safe, comfortable, and relaxing ride via one of our luxury sedans or limos from LAX to your home or office.

LA-limousine-service-Los-Angeles-limo-LAX-car-2016L.A. airport services

Our LA limo company provides car services to and from any of the Southern California major airports for corporate, personal travelers, or tourists. Not only do we offer pick-up and drop-off transfers, but we also can offer hourly service, and all-day flat rate luxury rentals which can keep your costs down.

Exclusive wedding transportation

We offer the most affordable wedding transportation in SoCal and limousines for anniversary, engagement, and more. We in the LA limo business understand the importance of your wedding day, and will provide your guests with a outstanding experience. Our professional team is ready to offer you wedding deals and packages. We also are connected with known wedding planners throughout Southern California. They can make your job much easier and help keep your wedding/event costs down.

LAX car service

We have over 15 years experience in providing the most reliable, safe, and affordable car services. After transportation services, we added some luxury stretched limos and party bus varieties to our growing fleet. The growth our fleet, made us the best transportation company in Southern California with the largest fleet of sedans, limousines, party bus alternatives, SUV limos, which all can be booked for any event or celebration!

Transportation in the Greater L.A. Area

Our fleet includes limousines in 8, 10, and 15 passengers size, and our larger SUV limos include Hummer limousines & Ford Excursion stretches. For larger crowds we have a variety of buses available ranging from 25 to 45 passengers. Contact your Los Angeles limousine provider today and book your favorite luxury vehicle for any occasion!

Transportation You Can Trust!

Concert limo service

limo-los-angelesMake sure to reserve your concert limo service today! With us you can add a pre-party and after-party to your concert or special outing!  The time to and from the Staples Center, Nokia Theater, The Forum, Santa Barbara Bowl, Hollywood Bowl, etc. will be a time to remember.  Your LA based service will make your time enjoyable and get you to and from your concert in style, luxury, and safety!

L.A. concert party bus services

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 15:  A general view of the Staples Center and the Nokia Theater after the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Boston Celtics in Game Five of the 2008 NBA Finals on June 15, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright: 2008 NBAE  The Lakers defeated the Celtics 103-98 to bring the series to 3-2 Celtics.  (Photo by Wendi Kaminski/NBAE/Getty Images)Los Angeles limousines offers the best LA concert Party Bus and limousine rentals! Get your friends together, book your concert tickets, and call us to reserve your favorite vehicle. Booking a party bus will assure you and your friends have the time of your lives to and from your favorite concert.  Just visit us online and ask about our concert specials and the amazing fleet we have to offer,

LA concert limousine services

Whatever you decide, don’t drink and drive! Our services offering limousine Los Angeles provides safe and reliable Los Angeles limo transportation. You and your friends will travel in complete luxury, style, comfort, and safety while having the best time of your life. Our luxury limousine or party bus offers a host of amenities.  It will make your night out very entertaining so the party can start before you get to the concert venue, as soon as your driver picks you up! Call for your LA limo today!


Concert limo service