30+ Tips For Adventure In LA

Santa Monica Beach is a popular limo destination for our transportation service

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA is a city of contrasts, and the second most populated city in America. L.A. compromises a huge area, and unlike other major cities such as New York or Chicago, L .A. does not have a city core or one particular center where things are packed together. Instead, Los Angeles has numerous centers found throughout the larger L. A. area. The fact that the city is so spread out accompanied with its bad traffic reputation, hiring an LA limo service will help unload much of the stress. Our experience in having offered LA limo rides for more than fifteen years is that most traffic is encountered prior to 10 am, and also between 3:30 pm and 7 pm. And as most Californians know, L. A. traffic means bumper-to-bumper in 5 mph if not worse. For tourists and other visiting the city of angels, it is highly important to be prepared and know what to expect. As certain venues and areas are located hours away from one another, having a day-planner of “what to see when” can be very helpful. In order for tourists to better know what to expect in L.A., we have made this list of Los Angeles travel tips, ideas and advice for a memorable and adventure-filled time.


Hollywood Boulevard is a must on any LA trip

By far the most popular beach destinations for our clientele are Santa Monica Beach and Venice Beach. These beaches can easily be experienced in one day, some rent a Los Angeles limousine to drop them off by the Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, and later call for their pick-up from neighboring Venice Beach. Santa Monica also is its own city (the LA area is divided into 88 independent cities, believe it or not!), and it is in Downtown Santa Monica we find Third Street Promenade, which is a tremendously popular shopping destination. A larger number of cafés and restaurants are found along the beaches, including for example the great Le Pain Quotidien on the Third Street Promenade. Many locals and tourists alike rent bikes and/or surfboards at Venice Beach, and you can also easily bike from here to the Santa Monica Pier and its beach. While the beach in Venice has been called SoCal’s number one freak-show by many, this is definitely a spot you would like to have experienced at least once. It is here we find the famous and iconic Muscle Beach, as well as botox- and medical marihuana suppliers by the dozens.

transportation-service-provided-by-los-angeles-limo-the-la-limousine-serviceHollywood is maybe the most popular Los Angeles limo destination for tourists utilizing our services. It is of course here you will find the Hollywood Sign and Hollywood Boulevard with its Walk of Fame. The outdoor shopping mall Hollywood & Highland is also a must in this area, especially for anyone into shopping and the latest fashion. For tourists visiting this area for the first time, this mini Los Angeles travel guide will give a couple of heads-up: 1) Along the Hollywood Walk of Fame you will be approached by people wanting to hand you their CD. Do not be fooled, they are not free and they will ask you for money after giving them to you. 2) You will see people dressed up as various movie characters, maybe particularly outside of the Chinese Theatre. They do not work for free, and taking their photo usually costs a minimum of a dollar. Hollywood has more to offer than the city-life, believe it or not. The hiking trails by Runyon Canyon are not only naturally gorgeous, but offer great views of as far as the Pacific Ocean and Santa Monica. We have also chauffeured LA limo clients for the free yoga held here every morning. If you would like to be in the audience for any of the TV-shows filmed in the Hollywood area, Burbank or Universal City, remember to book this great time in advance.

Griffith Observatory offers some stunning views of the city!

Beverly Hills is maybe mostly visited for window shopping on Rodeo Drive, but shopping in Beverly Hills does not necessarily need to cost a fortune. For example does the Beverly Center offer numerous budget-friendly alternatives, and many love the great lunch served at the roof here. If you are in the L .A. area for only one day, and you happen to be here just to shop, we would on the other hand rather recommend the Grove. The Grove is an outdoor shopping center next the the original farmers market. For shoes, many hiring an LA limo service decide on the Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse on Sunset Boulevard. Other popular attractions in Southern California and the Greater LA Area include Disneyland in Anaheim, Universal Studios, Warner Bros Studios, Santa Catalina Island, Griffith Observatory in Griffith Park, Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown, Staples Center, Malibu, and so, so much more. The possibilities are endless for anyone in Southern California, it is just about finding out what you want to experience on your L.A. trip. For some, horseback-riding by the Hollywood Sign may be the coolest experience to bring on home after visiting LA. For others, it may be the beaches of Malibu, so famously depicted in Baywatch, or maybe one of the great studio tours offered at the various studios. If you are into wine-tasting and stunningly beautiful nature, why not look into the great wine-tours offered in the region? Our Los Angeles limo service offers customized wine-tours to regions throughout Southern California, several in close proximity to Los Angeles and even an award-winning wine-tour option to Malibu in LA County.

For whatever reason you are visiting the City of Los Angeles, renting a Los Angeles limousine will help make your visit more enjoyable, adventurous, and luxurious… We are proud of offering the top rated luxury transportation service in the L. A. region. We are reachable 24 hours per day, 365 days per year at toll-free number (866) 319-LIMO. Call us today to hear more about our price-match-guarantee and to receive your free quote today.


30+ Tips For Adventure In LA